December 13th 2010
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Now that I’m a mother, my life is very different. And I love it. Here are just a few things that are different and wonderful:

  1. I wake up slowly, at whatever time my little girl decides is “morning.” We cuddle and nurse in bed until we’re both in a great mood and ready to attack the day.
  2. I get to read children’s books on a daily basis. I love children’s books, but it feels silly to read them alone as an adult. She’s starting to notice the pictures, too.
  3. Because my daughter is experiencing everything for the first time, I’m seeing the world as if it’s brand new too. Everything is incredible.
  4. Special little moments have the ability to freeze time. Like when Anneliese is nursing, then takes a break for a moment to look up at me and grin. Time stops, and my heart explodes.
  5. When I run errands, I can talk to “myself” without looking like a crazy person. I narrate what we are doing, and describe everything we see, as I pat my baby’s bottom through our ring sling.
  6. I notice the tiny things I do for myself much more, whether it’s savoring a dark chocolate Lindor truffle, painting my toenails, or spending some time with a magazine.
  7. I have a fantastic subject for my photography whenever the mood strikes. Sorry, Zora, but dogs aren’t as exciting to photograph as babies are.
  8. A whole new world of craft projects has opened up to me – making baby clothes, sewing and embroidering ring slings, crocheting blankets, and making soft toys.
  9. I feel more pride when I get things done around the house. It feels less like a chore and more like an accomplishment – whether it’s dusting, doing a load of laundry and getting it put away, or emptying the dishwasher.
  10. Every day I get to watch my little girl grow, and know that I am nourishing her in every way. It’s like magic.

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