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Recently my family took a vacation. I should specify – we took OUR ONLY VACATION EVER. We have traveled a lot, mostly for our military moves, and have done some sight-seeing and such during those trips, but they aren’t vacations. We’ve gone to visit family members, but that isn’t a vacation either.

This time, we went on a real live vacation! We packed up our car, tossed in the kids (well, properly restrained them in child safety devices and whatnot), and zoomed off to the beach, escaping what had just been a week of 108-degree temperatures. 

It’s a four-ish hour drive to the beach we visited, but it took us much longer because we stopped so often.

Some of the stops were fun, like going to get lettuce-wrapped burgers with unlimited fries (with lots of vinegar for this pregnant lady!) at Red Robin, which we don’t have anywhere near us. I also got to pop into Trader Joe’s and pick up some snacks for us to have in the car and in our hotel room. A real treat for me, since we don’t have a TJs anywhere near us. 

Another stop was out of necessity – we had to visit the Apple Store to find out about how to get my computer fixed. It’s basically been possessed lately, rebooting itself and displaying all sorts of craziness on the monitor. 

But the other 8,392 stops? They’re one of the 2 things to avoid on your summer road trip.

#1 – If you can avoid it, do not take a giant pregnant woman with you on your road trip. (That would be me.) Because she will have to pee every 20 minutes, which means you will have to stop every 20 minutes. 

The second thing to avoid? Here ya go:

#2 – Do not go on a road trip without checking to make sure your tires are in good shape first. I mean it! We had a slow leak in one tire the entire week before our trip, and while we did check to make sure the air pressure was good before we left, it creeped me out that we hadn’t gotten our tire checked out and patched. So the entire time we were driving, I kept imagining the tire suddenly going flat or bursting or something, and our car veering to the side of the road, derailing my family’s road trip literally and figuratively.

It’s just not worth it, y’all. Make sure your tires are good to go! 

After all the stops, and with all of my quiet paranoia about our tire, we finally arrived!

Cooper Tires is sponsoring this post, because they have an awesome Cooper Tire Summer Drive Event they want you to take advantage of before your summer road trip plans – but it ends today, so you have to hurry! 

If you buy a new set of four of their tires (like maybe the Discoverer SRX), you’ll get a prepaid Visa card of up to $70 (I guess the “up to” might depend on which specific tires you choose) as a special thank you. Hey, it’ll help cover some of your gas for the trip! Or snacks from Trader Joe’s!

And then? Enjoy your vacation! I know we sure did.


Bonus – the tires’ tread is also guaranteed for 65,000 miles – that’s a lot of road tripping! Check out the Dealer Locator to find a store near you.

There are 3 kinds of tires eligible for this deal:

Discoverer SRX – great for SUVs and CUVs, in 30 sizes to fit various vehicles. Comes with 6 “wear squares” all around the inside and outside of the tread, so you won’t have to pull out a penny every time to check the tread. When the square turns into an exclamation mark, that means your tread is low (and if they’re wearing unevenly, it could signal you to alignment issues).

Cooper DiscovererSTT Pro – The latest off-roading high performance tire, also available in lots of sizes.

Cooper Discoverer A/T3 – These tires offer support in various terrain, and the specialized tread enhances traction on wet roads.

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