June 17th 2007
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What says, “Happy Father’s Day” better than homemade biscotti?

Not much.
The recipe is from allrecipes, and I didn’t change a thing. I think I made mine bigger than theirs though, because the recipe says it yields 4 dozen, and I only got 2 dozen out of it.

I took the suggestion of many people in the reviews and drizzled the finished biscotti with white chocolate.

Basically, you make two long cookie-type things and bake them.

Then, you let them cool and slice them diagonally.

Lay them out on a baking sheet and toast each side for a few more minutes.

And then you can eat them as they are, or drizzle them with something good. I drizzled mine with white chocolate (mixed with a tiny bit of shortening for smoothness).

So delicious!

Is this too many pictures? Should I cut back?
And, more importantly, are you going to make some biscotti?

admin (152 comments)

Shellie, you could make some. :) I think it would be hard to mess up. And sooo delicious!

Shellie@Craftbits (1 comments)

Yummmmmmy… I could eat that right now..

admin (152 comments)

I have the same issue with store-bought biscotti too… the final cripsing really made it less soft-cookie-like, so it will hold together and hold up to dipping in coffee or tea.

But it didn’t make it rock-hard or crumbly… if you try this recipe, please give the crisping a chance, at least on a few. I think you will like the effect.

Thanks for the picture-love too… I have some issues with lighting in my kitchen (no windows) so I appreciate that! Hopefully my next kitchen will be bright and sunshiney!

MrsDragon (18 comments)

I love the pictures! ^_^

You, know, I had never thought about how biscotti is made. I bet I would prefer to make my own. The ones you can buy are always rock hard and they hurt my haw! I bet I would like them uncrisped! : ) Thanks for the recipe.

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