The wedding was fantastic-ly beautiful. Everyone kept telling me at the reception that the food was delicious and all of the decorations and flowers were breathtaking. The food and decorations were conceived and executed by my talented stepmother. The wedding was unlike anything the lady who works at the park (and has seen hundreds of

Jul 13 2007
Category: Decor. Homemaking

I started out with this bedding (but queen sized) from Ikea… I LOVE the bold colors, the clean lines, and the fact that the duvet cover is reversible. The other side has a brown background, and still the branch+flowers. So, when I moved to this apartment, I decided to take this as my feature piece

Jul 08 2007
Category: Day-to-day

As a first grade teacher last year, I had PLENTY of students come into my classroom with untied shoelaces, or laces that would untie themselves after a few minutes. I usually had the kids tie their own shoes, but in the case of frustratingly short laces or unusually slippery ones, I would re-tie them with

Jul 05 2007
Category: Crafts. Crochet

Shavasana Bag This is a no-sew yoga mat bag with only two ends to weave in! Note: I wrote this pattern a long time ago, and the first yoga mat bag was so ugly (in my opinion). You may have seen the ugly pictures on my old website (Hook Me Up! Crochet) or on Craftbits.

Drip pans on electric stoves can get really gross - here's how to clean your nasty drip pans, easily!

Drip pans on electric stoves can get really gross – here’s how to clean your nasty drip pans, easily!

Jul 03 2007
Category: Day-to-day

This picture was actually taken last Tuesday, but I figured I could still post it today. See how excited/crazed I am to be in Po Folks eating a bread stick? It’s blurry because I’m vibrating with happiness.

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