July 3rd 2007
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It’s a tasty refreshing twist on a Shirley Temple.

Put a bit of rum in a glass, then fill it up the rest of the way with coconut soda (which you can find with the Mexican food in the grocery store). Add some cherries, cherry juice, and ice cubes.

And it’s delicious.  But nameless. Anyone have an idea for what this drink could be called?

Dawn (12 comments)

I just checked drinknation.com, and there was no “Naughty Little Girl” listed, just “Naughty Boy”, “Naughty Monkey” and “Naughty School Girl”.. just wanted to let you know that the name wasn’t taken!

admin (152 comments)

I guess Ana’s name wins! Too bad I don’t have a prize to send to her.

Meagan (18 comments)

I agree with Joy. Naughty Little Girl is my pick.

Joyous (16 comments)

Um, I LOVE Naughty Little Girl, hahahaha. It’s horrible and hilarious all at the same time.

MrsDragon (18 comments)

When you make Shirley Temples with Coke instead of Sprite they are called Roy Rogers. So I vote for naming it after another movie star. Any Hawaiian actors/actresses or movies? (I’m terrible with movie trivia).

admin (152 comments)

Ooh I just saw Tropical Cherry Cooler. That’s a really good name too.

(I’ve been getting a lot of comment spam, so sometimes the good stuff gets lost for a bit. Sorry!)

admin (152 comments)

Coconut Shirley
Tropical Vacation
Naughty Little Girl
Coconut Dainty

not sure… they’re all pretty good. I think “Naughty Little Girl” sounds like something you’d order in a bar. Like a Shirley Temple gone bad.

Coconut Dainty sounds really cute though.

Any other opinions?

Nisa (7 comments)

Reminds me of those coconut Christmas cookies with the cherry in the middle. I think they’re called Coconut Dainties?

AV (2 comments)

Naughty Little Girl

Sarah (18 comments)

Wow, this sounds like a tropical vacation in a glass!

Toryn (5 comments)

Tropical Cherry Cooler

Jessica (36 comments)

Coconut Shirley

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