I’ve always been addicted to stationery. When I was six years old, my best friend Kelly Simon moved to Massachusetts, leaving me behind in South Carolina. We were pen pals for YEARS, writing constantly. When I was 8 and my oldest sister went to college, we exchanged letters frequently. Then, when I was 11, I

Sep 17 2007
Category: Day-to-day

1.  While I am a huge proponent of decluttering and I’m firmly an anti-clutter person, I am addicted to office supplies! When the guy and I moved in together, he had a shoe box of office supplies, and I had a big Rubbermaid bin full. That’s not including the dozens of empty binders and brand

Sep 15 2007
Category: Crafts. Crochet

Shelly Scarf This scarf is a companion to The Professional Hat. Materials: About 200-250 yds worsted weight yarn Size K/10 1/2 hook (6.5 mm) yarn needle (optional for weaving in ends) Gauge: 13 sts = 4” Notes: Shell: 5 dc all in same stitch To Begin Ch 19. Row 1: 4 dc in 4th ch

Sep 15 2007
Category: Crafts. Crochet

The Professional Hat This cap is based on the red cap from the movie “The Professional”. However, I have changed my original pattern a bit (added a row of shells) in order to make it longer. To obtain a more movie-consistent cap, omit one row of shells. In order to make the hat more like

For a while, my jewelry has been lumped together in a jewelry box. When I want to wear earrings, I have to hunt for mates… when I want to wear a necklace, I must first unravel it from a tangle of its cousins. Not anymore! If you have this problem too, you might enjoy making

I did an Inspiration? Decorate! post earlier about my bedroom decor. Here’s the second installment, about my living room and its inspiration piece. The inspiration piece is this pillow from World Market. I loved the colors, the pattern, the clean but organic shapes. It really appealed to me. So I took a couple home with

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