October 16th 2007
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Vaguely inspired by this post in VeganYumYum (it looks positively delicious, but I didn’t have a lot of the stuff on hand), I threw together this pasta salad.

autumnal pasta salad

Boil some salted water and add shell pasta and tri-color rotini.

While that’s happening, throw some frozen spinach in the microwave. Of course, fresh spinach is great, but I always have a big bag of spinach in the freezer.

Meanwhile, mix some sour cream and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Drain the noodles, toss them with the dressing, and combine with the spinach. Add dried cranberries and chopped walnuts.

This was really delicious, served hot. Really.

It might just be me having a weird idea while having a cold, but I think that a touch of orange juice added to the dressing would’ve been nice too. The orange/cranberry thing.

tara (1 comments)

Luscious stuff – nothing more to say than that. Just luscious!

Nisa (7 comments)

That could be good with some cubed chicken as well. BTW sorry I disappeared, had some things I’ve been dealing with.

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