November 11th 2007
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Little boxy pouch tutorial by threebears – So adorable and I LOVE the fabric she used in the tutorial photos. I have some zippers who have been waiting for their calling…

Heather’s favorite knot is now also my favorite knot. I wasn’t sure at first how it could beat my previous favorite knot, but the first time I tied Heather’s favorite knot, I knew it was love.

Some big embroidery site (not a blogger) has directions for how to do Shisha embroidery. If you don’t already know what it is, it’s that Indian mirror embroidery that’s so gorgeous. I recently used it in my Tie One On Local Pride apron… instead of mirrors though, I used paillettes (those giant sequins with one tiny hole near the edge). They also have examples of Shisha work and a tutorial for a project.

I always feel a special sort of connection with Sarah of The Small Object… based mostly on the fact that we’re from the same small town in South Carolina. Besides that though, she has an eye for the tiny and cute. If you haven’t seen her adorable little clothespin people, you’re missing out. Anyway, she recently posted this tutorial for fabric-covered floss bobbins. I may have to make a few, because right now my embroidery floss storage is decidedly un-cute.

Montessori By Hand posted a tutorial for her gorgeous “Recycled Bath Mat”. It’s so gorgeous, and it has cutesie little embroidered footprints on it. I think it would take a little convincing for me to actually step out of the shower onto it though, just because it looks so much like ART.

 Sew Mama, Sew! has been linking to tons of fantastic tutorials every day, and will continue throughout the month. Each day has a different theme, so definitely take a look.

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