December 1st 2007
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A couple of [tag]craft shows[/tag] I’m applying for require pictures (they’re juried), and one of the pictures has to be of the [tag]booth set-up[/tag]. Since I haven’t done any shows yet, I set it up this morning in the driveway. My fantastic husband made the lattice thingies, which are great. They have horizontal poles on them, to act as racks for the hanging [tag]aprons[/tag]. (Note the rainbow order arrangement… I’m insane.)

I think I’ll arrange things differently when I’m at Belmont’s Bizzare, to entice people to actually come “in” and look at things… but does anyone have specific suggestions? I’d like to get more height to the things on the table, but I’m not sure how to go about doing that without buying more stuff.

Cross your fingers for nice weather, too… I don’t have a tent!

Weird thing, too… I swear I had more aprons than this. I think I’m missing some, but maybe it’s my imagination.

I finished 4 more aprons today, plus 2 for a [tag]custom order[/tag] from a coworker. Aaaand… Say goodbye to Rosaria. She’s going to a new (confidential, due to the [tag]holiday season[/tag]) home! I’m sure she’ll be well-loved and very happy.

Vicki (12 comments)

Good luck on the craft show. I did one this past weekend dec 1-2 and it was brutal, but a good experience and the people were wonderful. Everyone with a booth couldn’t do enough to help me and give advise!!
I agree different heights would be good. That is something I didn’t have. Love the lattice, wish I had something like that.
I tried to make different levels, but things fell off, next time, I am pondering baskets at different levels, or something with a small ledge??
Good luck

Michelle (3 comments)

Height to the table…A nice box (like a photo box you have around the house or something) or an upside-down basket could serve as a stand for any of your items. Depending on the size and shape of your “stand” you could lay a couple of the aprons on it for dimension. Also, a cake stand might be a good way to add height. You could put some of your bowls/trays/items on that.

I think it looks great!

Dallas (5 comments)

Looks great. My main suggestion is to post your business name, either on a banner between the two lattices, or maybe on a banner in front of the table. Similarly, be sure to have something with your etsy address on it, like a business card – I often don’t buy things at a craft show, but I will go back online afterwards and look. And just for little added touches, you could always paint the clothespins bright colors. Good luck. I’d stop and shop with your setup.

pfirsch (2 comments)

Nice setup! How about making two clothes lines between the lattice thingies? That should get at least 3 more aprons off the table.

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