December 21st 2007
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omg merry christmas

The recipe is in this post about our holiday traditions.

We used the KitchenAid mixer to mix up the dough, and rolled and cut the cookies on our brand new kitchen island.

Check out how many cookies we made… we doubled the recipe.

I made royal icing (powdered sugar, merengue powder, vanilla extract, and water) and we decorated the multitude.

We packaged the cookies, along with little bottles of our homemade vanilla extract… It’s really darkened and gotten very vanilla-y over the last 5 months or so. (And if you look in the bowl reflection, you can see me in my grey sweatshirt, bent over to take the picture, and the man’s back to the left of that, sticking addresses on tins.)

We packaged five tins to mail and will hand-deliver 3 more, plus I took a big pile to work with me today.

After we finished making the cookies, we ate dinner… at 9:00 pm. Oops!

guerrillaaesthete (5 comments)

You guys are so cute! I just finished making a ton of ginger, and chocolate chip cookies, as well as about 1,000,000 pizzelles. YAY for cookies!! I am giving them out in melted record bowls, and everyone seems to enjoy them. Happy holidays to you!

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