January 29th 2008
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Please give a warm welcome to the newest members of the Joyful Abode family:

Stationery sets! It’s been in the works for a long time, and many, many doodles later… a huge order of paper and envelopes later, and lots of time spent digitally coloring and designing layouts later… I present to you unique stationery sets illustrated by Emily Chapelle (Yup, that’s my name! I decided to “come out” with it).

unique illustrated nostalgic roller skate stationery set

Each set includes 12 sheets of writing paper, 6 matching envelopes, and 12 matching stickers (perfect for sealing the envelopes or adding accents to your personal correspondence). These darling note sets will make perfect gifts for recent graduates (so they can keep in touch!), travelers, family, and friends.

adorable handmade owl and cherry tree stationery set

These darling stationery sets will also help you keep your New Year’s Resolution to keep in touch with the people you love. Who could resist writing on such adorable paper? You can also rest easily knowing that the paper and envelopes are both made of recycled, 30% post-consumer paper, to help you keep your other resolution of going green (at least a little).

handmade original owl stationery gift set

You’ll also be happy to know that I bought a scale and revisited my shipping prices. I had worked out a “flat rate” based on averages, and it was pretty dead-on. Unfortunately, I think it has been deterring people from purchasing less expensive, lighter items, and that’s the opposite of what I want!

I want all of my shop items to be accessible to everyone around the world. So I’m not longer offering flat-rate shipping in my shop. Instead, most of the shipping prices are lower than what they had been, but shipping for heavier items (Winter Warmth blankets) had to go up a little bit. I think this will be more fair to everyone. I hope you agree!

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Angelina (2 comments)

Hello there,How can I order the roller skating letter set?

Please advice.
my email is: speedangiehk@hotmail.com


Angelina (2 comments)

Hello there,How can I order the roller skating letter set?

Please advice.
my email is: speedangiehk@hotmail.com


Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

Rachel, you know where to find it! :)
Lynn, I’m happy to hear that your granddaughter likes to write letters! I think it’s mostly a lost form of communication… I’m trying to get back into it myself.

Rachel (2 comments)

I just love your owl stationary. So cute and delightful!

And it was my pleasure to feature your bias binding on my blog. Now… just to get some. :)

lynn williams (1 comments)

The stationary is adorable. I think I might get some for my granddaughter. She loves to write letters.

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

Thanks, everyone!

Felicia (2 comments)

Adorable owl :)

Domestic Chicky (8 comments)

Too adorable! I will definitely be bookmarking this for my stationery post!

Nora (3 comments)

I have to agree, the owls are adorable! Nicely done.

mub (25 comments)

They’re really cute! I think it was a good move to change your shipping. I am frustrated when I order a coin purse and have to pay the same amount of shipping as I would if I bought a quilt. As a seller though, I do understand it’s more work to figure that stuff out than just offering a flat rate =)

Dallas (5 comments)

Those are really cute. I especially like the owl set.

EmmaH (31 comments)

Oooh, I love owls! If I had some spending money at the moment…and someone to write to.. :(

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