February 25th 2008
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You may or may not have realized by now that my husband is in the Navy. He’s a student aviator right now (starting formation training today!!!). Anyway, I’ve begun to make a series of military stationery for other families like ours, who will be moving more than they ever thought possible, and experiencing other life-changing events alongside the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

military navy moving card

My first series features the T-34 turbomentor, which is the plane used at Whiting Field NAS for aviation training for the Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, and Air Force.

Heck… I’ll just post what I had in my descriptions at the shop.

“When you are part of a military family, you move quite often. And you know that it’s important to keep in touch with friends you’ve made along the way. These notes will help you let everyone know when something new has happened in your life.

military birth announcement cards

These flat notes feature a glossy illustration of a T-34 (which is the plane the Navy, Marines, Air Force, and the Coast Guard uses for aviation training at NAS Whiting Field) on one side, and a matte blank side so you can write your own moving announcement (or birth announcement) and a quick note. This is a set of 10 notes and envelopes.

military birth announcement cards

Since I’m a military wife, I’ve decided to create a series of flat notes to correspond to various life events. I’m always working on new illustrations, so if you have a suggestion, please send me a note! ”

I’m working on a series with the training helicopter right now. After that, who knows? Let me know if you have an idea!

Rachel (2 comments)

Love the new cards, so cute! Especially the birth announcements.

Also, I’m tagging you. :) 7 random things about yourself, please.

Tori (3 comments)

What a cute idea! Love the baby boy and baby girl cards. Too cute!

Vicki (12 comments)

Very cute! My hubby is ex navy also.

Annie (1 comments)

Great idea! I’m a military spouse too (Coast Guard) so I know what it is like.

morningartist (1 comments)

These are adorable! :)

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