April 1st 2008
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chocolate cupcakes with strawberries and white chocolate

Basically, here’s how it went down:

My husband wanted chocolate cake.

I asked him if cupcakes would be good.

He said that’d be great.

We had strawberries. I chucked them in.

chocolate cupcakes with strawberries

There was more batter, so I filled the mini muffin tins.

This time, I added white chocolate chips.

chocolate cupcakes with strawberries and white chocolate

And… it was pretty much an ERROR.

I learned that:

  1. Regular cake batter doesn’t seem to rise to form the happy dome that cupcakes tend to have. Does anyone know the exact difference between cake and cupcake batter? Or is mine just not the right kind of cake batter?
  2. White chocolate chips SINK in thin batter, even if you put them on top. They were all at the bottom of the cups when I took out the cakes.
  3. I don’t really love cooked strawberries, except maybe in pie (but I seem to think that when we made strawberry pies when I was little, they were still raw). Strawberry jam is good too. With rhubarb if it’s there. But not cooked in cakes.
  4. It would be a good thing to have muffin papers for my mini muffin pan.
  5. BUT…. even ERROR chocolate cupcake muffin thingies with strawberries can be delicious!

chocolate cupcakes with strawberries and white chocolate

After the ERRORS, I didn’t bother with frosting them, but they were still tasty. I guess I still need to make the guy a chocolate cake though, huh?

kendra (1 comments)

Yup coating chips, nuts, etc in flour or cocoa powder will prevent them from the fated destiny of falling to the bottom. Too bad about the added strawberries; I’ve seen recipes where they’ve added cream cheese mix with jam to the center of their cupcakes and those all turned out fine.

Nicole RJ (2 comments)

Oh wow – those look delish! And I just happen to have a box of choc. cake mix waiting to be made into cupcakes AND some fresh strawberries… definitely going to try this one!

Ann Gorman (1 comments)

what a yummy error I now need to go pig out on lots of chocolate cos of a sudden big craving lol :)

Celine (2 comments)

they still look lovely! I found out the hard way too that white choco chips do indeed sink when thin batter is used. oy!

Gina (4 comments)

I was also going to suggest coating the chips in flour. These look yummy, even if they didn’t turn out quite as planned. How can chocolate and strawberries ever be bad?

lindsay (11 comments)

HA I just realized I wrote $100 instead of $1. NEVER pay $100 for paper muffin thingies. hahaha I am slow. ha.

lindsay (11 comments)

dude the best time to stock up on mini paper muffin things is at the end of holiday seasons at target. I’ve got christmas, valentines, and st. patricks day so far. I hate spending like $3 on paper thingies but I doubt I’ve paid more than $100 for any of the packs.

what if you baked the cupcakes till almost done, took them out of the oven and then shoved the strawberries and chocolate in the middle? it’d be a nice surprise and any nasty looking tops would be covered with frosting.

IamSusie (7 comments)

Try shaking your chips in flour before putting them in the batter to keep them from sinking. This works for nuts and blueberries too. It seems to me that strawberries would release a lot of moisture and maybe that’s why your cupcakes didn’t rise as expected?

Nix (5 comments)

This is exactly the sort of thing I’m always worried about when I start to bake. Although, for the life of me I can’t figure out why it would have gone wrong.

RanaMuck (1 comments)

With the chips, if you try cooking them a little to thicken the batter then add chips you should be fine. Strawberry jam would def. work better than strawberries.

Helena (13 comments)

As far as I know, there is no difference between cake batter and cupcake batter–all the recipes I have just give different baking times for them. Maybe whatever was in the recipe that was supposed to make it rise (baking powder or baking soda) had lost its oomph. That can happen, as I’ve discovered the hard way.

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