May 29th 2008
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This is the last of the hotel-cooking posts, since we’re now staying in our house!

chicken parmesan cooked in a hotel room

I wanted to make some sort of breaded chicken, and usually I do that with flour and/or cornmeal seasoned with my own spices and herbs… but since I didn’t want to deal with a whole bag of flour in a hotel room, I bought a box of shake n bake.

I followed the shake ‘n’ bake directions, and then spooned on some spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese, put it under the broiler for the cheese to melt, and served it up with spaghetti and (frozen) green beans.

The shake and bake mix is very salty in my opinion, and I usually love salt… not this kind though. I ate half of my piece of chicken at dinner, and then when I was having the other half for dinner another night (leftover night) I couldn’t even finish it… so salty!

I thought it was a good idea, but definitely not something to repeat… if you like shake ‘n’ bake though, you’ll probably enjoy this manifestation of it.

The spaghetti and green beans were good though!

Have you ever had a good-idea shortcut go wrong? Please tell me about it in the comments so I don’t make the same mistake!

Andrea (1 comments)

I don’t care for Shake N Bake either. I usually melt some butter, coat the chicken, then roll in some italian breadcrumbs. They come in a canister and I find the generic brands just as good as the name brands.

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