July 14th 2008
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Again, straight from our garden…

It’s so fantastic to go out into the garden and pick dinner! I know people get tired of their zucchini plants by the end of the summer, but I don’t think I will. In fact, I’m already planning to plant TWO next year instead of just one. Haha.

Our Japanese eggplant has also been quite productive, and for this meal, I combined the two in a simple stir-fry. Just cooked in a little oil and with a sprinkle of salt. I thought of adding more seasonings, but the rice has a strong flavor and I didn’t want to overshadow the FRESH veggie taste.

eggplant zucchini stir fry

Oh goodness! It’s me in the kitchen WITHOUT an apron! It’s only because this meal took like 5 minutes to cook… though usually when I do this I get something on my shirt. I didn’t this time, which was incredibly lucky. My face looks all tired and hot (we went to the gym that day, and I only changed my shorts before dinner), but I look thin and good other than that. haha.

me in the kitchen

This is the rice... it takes 20 minutes or a little less to cook, and it’s very yummy. Also quite cheap.

And… here’s dinner! Yum!

zucchini eggplant stir fry with saffron rice

Should I keep including the recipes I make with my garden-veggies in the “gardening” category? Or should I just do food/recipes/how-to, but leave out gardening?

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wayside gardens (1 comments)

Hello. I’m grateful for the contents received from your website.Now I’m learn about this and just be able to apply knowledge to real life applications. Finally, Thank you very much.

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

Ginger, thanks for the kind words; I’m glad you’re enjoying your organic veggies and my recipes!
As for the website, it is hosted through Dreamhost (link on the right) and “powered by” wordpress.

Ginger (1 comments)

I am from Oklahoma and I live in Las vegas now. I used to love going out to my parents garden and picking stuff and cooking with it. I no longer have a garden, but I do have a VERY good organic store close that contains food grown by local farmers. Windermer Farms. So please keep the garden recipe’s coming. I love em. I may come back to the good ol midwest someday and would be a shame to not see these wonderful garden recipe’s. Keep up the good work. Also I am curious, how did you get a website like this? I too cook and have some wonderful recipe’s that I would like to share….in a website like form such as yours…

Denise (3 comments)

That looks yummy! I love that rice! We eat it all the time!

I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the good work! ;o)

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