November 24th 2008
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These are non-themed cards that are going to be great for “Welcome to the base” notes for your new neighbors, thank you notes for winging gifts, quick letters to let your family know how training is going, invitations to events or parties, or just about anything you can think of. I’m starting out with:

  • “Wings of gold” – Naval aviator / Marine Corps pilot wings
  • NFO/Flight Officer wings
  • VT-9 Tigers (Traron Nine patch)
  • VT-7 Eagels (Training Squadron Seven patch)

And I’m also going to be working on the Naval Officer insignia and the Marine Corps Officer insignia (those will be great for thank you notes for commissioning gifts, or as announcements to let far-away family members know you commissioned, or as invitations to your commissioning ceremony, or… just as “here’s a note from me” type notes, once you’re commissioned.
illustrations for Joyful Abode cards

Well, as you can tell, it’s not quite ready yet, but I’ve been working on the drawings all morning. There are definitely a few things I need to clean up to make them nicer, but soon I’ll be scanning them in to color them and design my new flat note sets!

I also ordered some more T-45 holiday cards to be printed up, and they should get here the first week of December, so if anyone in NAS Meridian, MS or NAS Kingsville, TX needed more of those, let me know! I’m also planning on designing some gift tags with the holiday T-45 on them too… no words on the front; just the plane wrapped in lights… and the back will have To: and From: .

I’m off to take Zora for a walk before it starts to rain! Then back to the drawing board, quite literally.

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

Absolutely, Amanda! I am mostly doing Navy/Marine stuff now because that’s what I’m around every day. :) But USAF is definitely on the list!
When does he graduate? I could try to put a deadline on having the cards ready.

Amanda (1 comments)

Oooh! I love the cards! Have you ever thought of/could you/might you ever make some with USAF pilot wings on them? I would love to have some to send as invites/thank-yous/etc for my husband’s graduation!

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