January 28th 2009
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Earlier, I posted about the Motivated Moms chore planner (It should be in the “related links” at the bottom of this post in case you missed it.) and how amazing it is.

What would be more amazing is if I actually kept up with it.

Still, I love lists. And I love checking off boxes, and I still love my motivated moms planner. I recognize that it’s not a habit yet so I’m cutting myself some slack on the “keeping up with it” thing.

Today I tried to catch up on some of the things I should’ve done this week, but hadn’t yet. I did a bunch of useful stuff!

  • cleaned out the freezer… took everything out, washed the shelves, organized everything, planned some meals around things that have been in there for a while.
  • cleaned basically the whole kitchen… swept, did counters, sink, all the dishes put away, cleaned the microwave
  • dusted everything in the dining room (buffet, table, windowsills, kid furniture) and straightened up in there in the process
  • got rid of expired coupons *cough*almostallofthem*cough* and filed the rest
  • cleaned bathroom mirrors
  • probably some other stuff too.

Then I kind of hit a slump and didn’t get much else “real” done… listened to some of my radio shows, then watched Smallville (we’re on season 1, watching on DVD via Netflix) with the husband while I finally got my test ZenCart site up and played with it a little. I know nothing about it so this is going to be a very interesting journey…

And we just kept watching Smallville until Lost was on. What a waste! But I felt like I deserved it today.

I have big plans for Getting Things Done tomorrow. I tend to get more done when my husband isn’t home though (he’s a distracting bad influence who makes me want to sit around watching TV and eating cheese grits while reading blogs). He’ll be flying in the afternoon though, so there’s hope for me yet!

Maria Helm (6 comments)

“he’s a distracting bad influence who makes me want to sit around watching TV ”
You have one of those, too? LOL! Mine likes to watch movies. Which pretty much means if I sit down, I’ve lost AT LEAST two hours of my day. Curses!

Katie (3 comments)

We all need days where we just piddle around the house, getting random things done…they are my favorite!

Kelly (6 comments)


yes my motivated mom pdf has not been used very much in the past 2 weeks. i paid my $8, printed a few pages and put it on my fridge. i just love coming home from work and relaxing too much! oh well. i just keep telling myself “the cleaning will get done and if it doesn’t oh well” (my mom tells me that, when i stress to her how messy my house is! it actually isn’t messy at all, but i just feel like it could be clear and more organized!).

but my kitchen counter tops have been cleared off more than normal. normally that is the central place for all mail and things we bring in from the car.

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