February 12th 2009
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First of all… if you haven’t already bought the Motivated Moms planner, and your house isn’t spotless (thereby giving you an excuse not to need it)… GO BUY IT.

It cycles through all the random crap you normally wouldn’t think of. Changing the air filter, checking your credit report,  cleaning your welcome mat, etc…

Today’s random weird chore was cleaning the surfaces of the cupboards in the kitchen. Do you know how much dust accumulates on the top edges of those things? NASTY.


And that’s only from the ones I did (the guy and I were working opposite ends of the kitchen). So double it.

Meanwhile, pasta was cooking for dinner, and we worked on Zora’s newest trick. Balancing a treat on her nose WHILE “being a squirrel” (begging). It’s really hard to do, and she can’t do it with anything remotely round. Al dente farfalle pasta is perfect! Slightly sticky and flat!

zora balancing

She starts out with her paws in the air and then slowly sinks to the ground when she starts to get tired or lose her balance. “Please can I have it? Say okay already!”

zora balancing

Drained the pasta, threw it back in the pot with a ton of frozen spinach, dumped in half a jar of nasty alfredo sauce… and after the spinach warmed up we had dinner.

simple pasta

Pretty productive time in the kitchen, I’d say!

Brook (7 comments)

your dog is sssooo cute!

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

She is pretty adorable! I think we’ll keep her. :-)

Anna (12 comments)

Oh my gosh…Zora is such a doll!

Emily (1 comments)

God, how can anyone say no to that cute face! :) The pasta looks delicious too, I might try it to get my boyfriend to each some vegetables.

Kitt's Krafts (2 comments)

Your dog is so cute. Ahh! That pasta looks delicious!

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