I had some spaghetti squash once in the fall and it was soooooo good, but since then the commissary hasn’t had any. Well, they showed up again in the produce section, so YAY! I bought 3 of them and have been eating this: Amaaaaazing. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, de-seed and chop

Here’s another variation on my basic pancake recipe. It’s a-muh-HAY-zing! My mother visited in February, and one morning for breakfast she requested IHOP. Well, when we googled around we realized we don’t HAVE an IHOP here. (Whyyyy?) So I asked her what she would have ordered and she told me oatmeal walnut pancakes sounded like

Mar 13 2009
Category: Food

This was one of those “What do I need to use up?” meals? The things I needed to use up this time were a third of a jar of garlicky alfredo sauce, some carrots that were starting to get bendy, and part of a head of cauliflower. It came together beautifully though! The pasta is

Here’s how to make an easy, flexible taper holder. Find a container that’s deep enough to offer some stability. Pour in a few dried beans. Maybe 1/4 inch in the bottom of the container. Stand up your taper candle in the center of the container, and hold upright while you pour more beans around it.

Step 1: Find a Welsh Corgi or two. Preferably the Pembroke type. Mmm… feisty little herding dogs! My friend Liz has two of them, Rocco and Maggie. Rocco tends to freak Zora out a little so he didn’t get to play this time. Here’s Zora and Maggie. Step 2: Release Corgis and your dog into

After only a few days, look what’s happening! Cucumbers, popping up like nobody’s business! The craziest thing is that a few hours after I took this photo, I peeked again and there were several more that had exploded out of the soil. Good morning, little cantaloupes! Basil! And that teeeeeny little one on the far

When I posted before about the snow here in Mississippi, I asked if anyone wanted me to upload videos of Zora’s reactions, but warned that I probably would regardless of your desires. So here they are! No, it didn’t snow again. It’s actually been in the 70s lately. I’m just finally getting around to posting

I had planned to make something totally different for dinner, but I didn’t have one of my pantry staples required to make it (whoa!)… so I went on a random fling-stuff-into-a-pot extravaganza. Cooked macaroni noodles Cut-up Turkey Pepperoni Leftover broccoli, cut into small pieces and steamed Jalapeno peppers, chopped Lawry’s Seasoned Salt The sauce was

A week ago I went to Lowe’s with a friend of mine (hi Liz!) and we picked up some seeds for our vegetable and herb gardens. She is renting a house with a huge yard and a built-in planter area, so she’s going to have a ball with setting up her garden. Here, if we

Yesterday morning we woke up, peeked out of the front door, and saw… Snow?! Last Friday one of my kids wore shorts! Snow?? Zora’s first snow… she was so confused! She kept trying to smell it, would inhale some, then start sneezing. Then because it made her sneeze she would try to attack it by

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