March 9th 2009
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Things are a-changing…

Not TOO much. I mean, I’ll still have my blog with the recipes and stick my dog in your face now and then, I’ll still have the garden updates and illustrations, military cards, etc.

But my fruit houses? gone. This lavendarishbluish-spring-green color scheme? Gone. Bigcartel shop? Gone.

I’ve made a new logo, one that’s much simpler. One thing about most “great logos” is that they’re really simple and identifiable. They look good in black and white or in color, and they’re usually not huge and sprawling… Check out the new business card to see my new logo and color scheme! I hope you like it! If not, too bad… I already ordered the business cards.

NEW business card

New color scheme is vaguely patriotic, because most of my designs are military cards and that’s probably how things are gonna keep going. :)

Meanwhile, I’ve been extremely busy, preparing some wholesale orders and getting ready for my Spring Open House (Meridian, MS folks: Mark your calendars. March 20th 4pm-7pm and March 21st 11am-2pm).

Look out, Kingsville, TX! Your order is currently in Dallas so it should get to you really soon.
VT-22 Wholesale order

Along with 50 coupons to use at my website. Woot!
VT-22 Wholesale order

Everything should be “fresh” by the middle of April, if things go as planned. I’m super-pumped about the whole thing. Yay!

Are you giving anything a spring makeover? A room in your house? Your hair? Your website or blog? The sunlight is definitely motivating!

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

Candice, that’s great! Want to come do mine? hehe.

Thanks Ashley, Michell, and Lynn… encouraging words. :) Lynn, your blog looks really good!

Lynn (77 comments)

I love it! It’s perfect. =)

I gave my blog a makeover…it’s the first time in years that I’ve LOVED my blog layout.

Michell (4 comments)

Love the new look and logo! Very refreshing!

Ashley (56 comments)

I love the new logo! I think it fits more to your blog and shop.

Candice (3 comments)

I think the sun must have put me in a cheerful mood (despite my allergies reeking havoc) because I scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom and there aren’t even any windows in there lol.

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