May 21st 2010
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Another delicious salad with our CSA bounty.


This one is:

  • leaf lettuce (CSA)
  • tomato wedges (CSA)
  • sharp cheddar cheese
  • ham from the deli
  • honey-mustard dressing

To make honey-mustard dressing, I just squeezed a good amount of mustard into a little bowl, then added some honey and stirred. After that, I whisked in olive oil until it was the consistency I wanted. Super-quick way to make a sweetish dressing that goes very well with salty ham and cheese!

Gina Jones (1 comments)

I followed your recipe and I'll say that it's really good! I even had a funny situation when I was making this. I thought I still had a jar of honey in storage but I didn't see it. So I had to run to the store to buy a bee honey jar. When I got back, my son said that the honey was inside the top cupboard, way far at the back behind other bottles. Ah well, it's ok at least I got a lot of honey to use for different recipes.

JoyfulAbode (1044 comments)

Awesome! I'm glad it worked out for you. :)

Mayness (21 comments)

This post came at a perfect time for me. I had just read it before I was making dinner, and I decided I wanted to make a salad/slaw out of snow peas and carrots (things in the fridge I wanted to use up, haha). I would never have thought to make a honey mustard dressing if I hadn't read about it here. I did the same thing you described, with a spicy brown mustard, and it was perfect!

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