November 8th 2010
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I thought these were decently good, but my husband said they weren’t good enough. So you don’t get the recipe.


And this is my post for the day.

I’m doing NaBloPoMo again, where you post every day in November. Well, sometimes there isn’t a whole lot to say. Or things you want to say but can’t say just yet. So that brings me to a picture of shrimp that were “just fine.”

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Walden (5 comments)

I must say that is quite unfair. :) I am very into shrimp right now and those look yummy!

Tristina (60 comments)

Well, they *look* tasty. Did you do coconut flour breading? I tried that with chicken fried steak and the breading was a little too grainy. I’m going to retry with almond flour and see what happens.

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