November 12th 2010
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I know my little girl is a baby, but sometimes when I look into her face, I see a KID. I wonder what she thinks about, what she dreams about… I wonder about the things that she notices, what patterns she’s recognizing in the world around her, and what’s brand new and surprising to her.

I wonder about what we’ll be doing together in 10 years, but then I realize that what we’ll be doing together tomorrow is just as much of a mystery.

Every now and then, I worry that time is rushing by too quickly, and then…


…this happens, and time freezes again. Because this 3-month-old baby?


Exactly the same as this 2-week-old little girl.


Apple (31 comments)

She is just beautiful!
My little boy is trying to sit up already…I want to know where the time went.
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Summer (7 comments)

She looks so big standing up in that first picture! You have a beautiful daughter :)
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Mommy (122 comments)

How is she standing up?? What a darling picture! We saw a baby yesterday sitting in a high chair and her grandmother was feeding her dabs of baked potato from her fingertips. This little girl would start bouncing in her seat she was so excited. We asked how old she was – 7 months. In just the amount of time Anneliese has been alive, SHE will be sitting, bouncing and eating like that precious girl we saw yesterday. It flies by, Emily. Love every minute.

Leanndra (12 comments)

So sweet! :)

Marie (1 comments)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw !
Love the way you say it. <3

Amber (89 comments)

I know, it seems like all of mine were brought home just yesterday. My youngest turned a year on 11-11. :( Time went by too fast, way too fast.

She is so cute, and a perfect mix of her mommy and daddy. She looks so much like BOTH of you!

Enjoy every minute. *hugs* to you both!

Joni (25 comments)

Yesterday I had two girls sleeping in my bed. One 15 years old. One 8 weeks old. I can’t tell you how surreal it is to look at both of my girls (or my boys) and think that the big one was as little as the little one what seemed like yesterday. They grow so incredibly fast. Before you know it you’re dropping one off at college. It really is the best time of your life, raising up your littles. :)

Lynn (77 comments)

Even when they’re almost 3, they’ll still look just like their newborn selves. I promise.

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

:) That’s wonderful!

Lynn (77 comments)

By the way, she is absolutely precious. I can tell she has a strong personality by the pictures you’ve been posting!

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