So I’ve been pregnant, and you’ve known about it for weeks, but I haven’t updated the blog at all. So this one will be a little catch-up-y. I’ll try to update each week after this.

I took these pictures at week 5, toward the end of the day. This is clearly bloat, not uterus. It’s not fat or cheeseburgers. I still haven’t gained a pound. But my body KNOWS it’s pregnant. So I’ve made the switch to maternity shorts already.


In the morning, though, I hardly look pregnant at all. It definitely gets more and more bloaty throughout the day.

Also week 5, I had some bleeding. Not spotting, but medium-flow-period type bleeding. It started on a Monday, and I decided that if it were still going on the next day, I would call OB and make an appointment. I know that many women bleed in early pregnancy  and that it can mean absolutely nothing, but I wanted to make sure. I didn’t feel like it was an EMERGENCY though, because well… if something really sad were happening… there wouldn’t be much anyone could do to stop it. Other than an ectopic pregnancy which WOULD be an emergency, but the cramping I had didn’t seem like that sort of pain.

Anyway, Tuesday I woke up and was still having bleeding, not just spotting, but lighter than Monday. But I called OB and asked if they had anything available. Apparently everyone on base is pregnant, and they’re booked solid for weeks. So the girl I talked to told me FIRMLY to go to urgent care NOW. Fine. I thought I’d be there for 2 hours. (I threw a string cheese and a banana in my purse for Anneliese.) I was there for 5. (she was absolutely exhausted and starving by the end, despite nursing on and off throughout the whole time we were there)

  1. get checked in, and wait in the waiting room.
  2. have blood pressure taken, get asked a few questions, and shown to a room to wait for a doctor.
  3. wait…and wait… and wait…
  4. pee in a cup for a pregnancy test.
  5. pregnancy confirmed. wait for someone to come draw blood for hcg test.
  6. give blood for hcg test. wait AN HOUR for the test to be run. Because that’s how long this test takes. Anneliese slept in the ring sling for a while.
  7. number “seems high” (8000) so they wanted to re-run the test to make sure their machine wasn’t calibrated incorrectly.
  8. wait ANOTHER HOUR for them to run the hcg test again. meanwhile, have a 2 minute pelvic exam by a doctor. Get told “your uterus is small” (random?).
  9. THEN they called the OB on call. AFTER the second hcg test was finished. Not when they started it, but when it was finished. So I got to wait 45 minutes for the OB on call to show up. He says 8000 is totally in the normal range for 5ish weeks. Anneliese, by now, had long since eaten her banana and cheese, and had nursed many times and had a diaper change or two, but she was not happy about the wait.
  10. OB on call did a totally unnecessary external ultrasound (WAY too early to see much of anything on an external. I know that and so did he). Unless maybe it was to check for ectopic pregnancy first?
  11. OB on call did a transvaginal ultrasound. Which showed us the cause of the bleeding, a clot, which wasn’t bothering my baby, who was hanging in there tightly. He said I could bleed for up to a couple more months (not every day, but now and then), and I have had a couple more days of bleeding since then.
  12. I thought I was finished. But I had to wait for discharge papers to be typed up. They said “we did a procedure (ultrasound) and you should drink water.” It took 45 minutes to type up these papers so I could sign them.

I missed the La Leche League meeting, the first one I’ve ever missed since Anneliese was born. I was completely bummed out about that. But of course, happy nothing was wrong, and happy I got to see my little yolk sac baby hanging in there tightly.


That’s Baby2. The dark bubble on the left is the gestational sac, and the little orb inside of it is the baby-to-be. The dark area under the gestational sac is where the blood/clot are. I might bleed more, or my body could reabsorb it.

So now that you’re caught up on that little saga, here’s the info for right now:

Just the Facts:

Weeks pregnant: 7

Weight: 135 lbs (5 more than when I got pregnant with Anneliese. It all went away, then 5 came back. I worked hard to lose some more – to about 127, focusing on eating really low carb and stuff, but then it bounced right back. Guessing it’s my “nursing insurance” pounds. That’s 100% fine.)

Gain: 0

Waist: I should measure. I’m curious. I haven’t measured.

Size of the baby: my book says 2 of my babies could fit on an American dime right now.

Weight: but my book also says my baby only weighs the same as one of my lower lid’s eyelashes… so… I’m confused.

Other pregnancy related crap: (Thanks for letting me steal your format, Joni, since I am brain-dead and uncreative)

Emotional crap: I’m crying. All the time. My neighbor checked on me to see if I was dead or depressed because she noticed my trash can was still out. I cried because I was costing the neighborhood curb appeal. Even though I KNOW that wasn’t why she was visiting. I cried looking at Joni’s homebirth photos (duh). I cried at like every episode of Teen Mom (first season. Second season I couldn’t keep watching because of Jennelle). My sister just called and asked if she could visit. I cried because I’ll be a crappy hostess. Because I LIKE being a good hostess. Not because she cares.

Physical crap: Waistbands are out. I have shorts that fit me IN THE MORNING but I won’t put them on, because by 3pm I have to unbutton. I just bought a couple new pairs of maternity shorts. Full panel, baby. No digging into my uterus allowed. I am sick. All. Day. Long. Before it was just in the morning and evening. Now it’s all day. It’s the worst in the morning before I manage to force down some food. But it’s bad all day. I haven’t thrown up and doubt I will much if at all, but I am constantly nauseated. I’m exhausted. I’ve been napping while Anneliese naps most days. Which is GREAT. But I also need to get to bed earlier than I have been so I can take advantage of the night hours too. All of this sleeping means I’m treading water when it comes to dishes and laundry, but any other type of cleaning just hasn’t been happening.

What I want to devour: Dill pickles. The chips, not spears. Melon, but only if it’s cold. I want sno cones. Copious amounts of sno cones. But not sweet ones. I want to get a plain ice one and drizzle pickle juice on it. I haven’t done that. I also want In n Out protein style burgers (double double, protein style, with grilled onions and mustard – no spread – and extra pickles, please). But I haven’t gotten them because they’re far away. I want those powdered sugar covered mini donuts. Which I’m resisting because that’s not food. But I will probably cave soon. I want food I didn’t cook. The list is short. Edited to add: oh, and I want salmon. Beautiful salmon with lots of lemon juice. Must go to Costco and buy some salmon.

What makes me want to hurl: Pretty much everything. Eggs. Onions. Meat. The thought of raw vegetables makes me gag. The smell of cooked vegetables makes me gag. Bananas. The texture of cheese. Cottage cheese. Nuts. The grain-free pancakes I made the other day. I somehow gagged on my yogurt this morning.

Supplements: Just a prenatal vitamin. I keep meaning to find my fish oil so I can start taking that too. I’m going to add Vitamin D3 after I get a baseline 25(OH)-D serum reading hopefully at my first appointment. Twitter people tell me I should find some B6 to take for nausea.

Activity/Training: I’m trying to go for a nice walk with Anneliese every day. It’s not happening every day. Sometimes naps and “taking it easy” win. Sometimes it’s too hot. But I am getting out and walking with her.


Yes that is a baby bloat bump in my shadow. My picture-taking arm also looks like a stump. And those are dill pickle chips in my cup holder. It was a brilliant idea.

Little things like squatting at my computer, or tailor-sitting while I’m reading to Anneliese and she’s on her potty… I need to do more though. More stretches, pelvic rocking, etc. I haven’t done kettlebell swings since the bleeding. I need to start doing that again. It made my back feel strong when I was doing it every day.

Boy/Girl?: So far this pregnancy is going pretty much exactly the same as with Anneliese, however… I have boy feelings. But it’s probably too early. So I’m not declaring that it’s a boy. But I have boy feelings.

Birth prep: I haven’t done anything. I haven’t called anyone (other than my doula the second I found out I was pregnant). I haven’t done. one. thing.

Baby prep: It’s so strange… I have no idea what preparations I really need to make for this baby other than buying another car seat and setting up the co-sleeper. If it’s a boy, it might need some clothes (but we do have some white onesies and some gender-neutral small stuff) but since the baby will probably sleep in our room for at least 6 months, and then share a room with Anneliese, it’ll probably be more rearranging/shuffling than buying new at this point. Maybe when we move, we’ll set up separate rooms or at least get a dresser for this kid. (Or if we get orders to stay here for another cycle, maybe we’ll rearrange to make more room for this kid.) Till then, I don’t have a clue what needs to be done.

Tandem nursing / BOOBS: When I was pregnant with Anneliese, it felt like my breasts had been kicked or beat up. I assumed it was because I was recovering from my breast reduction surgery. They HAD been kind of…excavated… very recently. Well, I’m feeling that same thing now. Not all the time. But now and then it’s like a trapeze acrobat has swooped in and kicked me in the chest. Anneliese is nursing just as frequently as before, and gulping as much as before. So no worries about supply at this point. Nipples are a bit sore, but I’m not sure if that’s my-baby-is-teething-and-nursing-a-bunch sore or pregnant+nursing sore. Or she-won’t-stop-pinching-my-opposite-nipple-while-she-nurses sore. Probably all of the above. Joni said her milk is more salty, and I was curious so I tasted mine. Tastes the same to me (if you’ve breastfed and have NOT tasted your milk EVER, you must have no sense of wonder or curiosity, seriously). No change.

Other stuff: I’ll do other stuff later. I think this 1900 word post is quite enough for the night. I’m going to bed. Hopefully to sleep for many hours. What do you want to know?

Margarita Velez (1 comments)

Personally I have cut back because nursing makes my morning sickness significantly worse–if I already feel ill, I will tell my son I can’t nurse. It’s so frustrating when all the things I know I should be eating make my stomach turn. Im really happy for you and wish you all the best together with your baby. I love your candid look at pregnancy!!
Margarita Velez recently posted… Cancer Tips

Ugh! So sorry you went through all that crap at Urgent Care! That’s rough.

On a side note, you’re giving me hardcore baby fever.
Diana @ frontyardfoodie recently posted… Summery Weekends Continue

ashley (6 comments)

So glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t stand vegetables or anything I made. Hang in there. I just reached week 13 and I am feeling much better. I hope the same happens for you too soon!

West Philly Mama (7 comments)

Great update. Ditto the B6 recommendation and those seasick wristbands helped me some, too.

Leonor Miller (1 comments)

Hey i feel getting pregnant is one of the finest feelings on earth. I know how much pleasure it is to carry a baby in your womb and you have so many new experiences happening also. I know things might not be the same. But its always a pleasure.
Leonor Miller recently posted… Bras ergonomique Ergorest

Anne (1 comments)

Its my first time to visit your site and I really have a great time reading your post. Im really happy for you and wish you all the best together with your baby.

Arual (10 comments)

I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one struggling with the morning sickness. It’s so frustrating when all the things I know I should be eating make my stomach turn. I have had some success with ginger tea or lemonade, but that doesn’t help my appetite, just eases the nausea.

I should try the dill chips–I’ve been eating whole dills, but it’s hard.
Arual recently posted… Good News and Toddler Antics

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

VERY frustrating. I am sorry you’re going through it too.
And yes, dill chips! Much easier to handle the texture than whole or spears.

Michelle (5 comments)

I’m curious to know more about the nursing during pregnancy… I have read so many times that your supply will dry up when you get pregnant so I’m pleased to see that you are finding that is not the case. Were you (or are you) worried about this at all? I have been thinking I will wait to get pregnant again until my daughter weans herself, but that could be years from now (she is 16 months).

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

I am worried a bit, but don’t dwell on it. What’s going to happen will happen. I just keep nursing Anneliese and hoping she doesn’t want to stop anytime soon, even if (when?) the milk becomes less or changes flavor. We will see what happens, and I’ll keep you updated on my blog.

Arual (10 comments)

Some women are able to nurse throughout their pregnancy, some have their milk dry up, and everything in between.

Personally I have cut back because nursing makes my morning sickness significantly worse–if I already feel ill, I will tell my son I can’t nurse. We also cut out all night nursing. He’s 22 months but it’s still very hard for him to give up his comfort nurses.

I know a number of women who have successfully tandem nursed which requires nursing through pregnancy, though it isn’t always easy. I was sore for the first few weeks but now it’s just the nausea that makes it too hard to keep up at the rates we were nursing pre-pregnancy.
Arual recently posted… Good News and Toddler Antics

JILL (17 comments)

Glad everything is OK – I enjoy reading about your experiences!

I am 22 weeks tomorrow with our second and am very glad to be past the all day “morning” sickness – hang in there and rest when you can!

Are you going to find out the sex of the baby?

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

Yes, we are planning to find out.
Do you know? Or are you going to find out soon?

Congrats on your pregnancy! Very exciting. And lucky you, being past the “sickness.”

JILL (17 comments)

We are waiting to find out until the baby is born – we waited with the first and it was such a neat moment! I do see how it would be nice to know before, too. We have a son and I would be thrilled with another, but wouldn’t mind a sweet girl either!!

I heard chamomile tea may help with nausea…and peppermint and ginger! They worked for me temporarily.

Will look forward to updates :)

I love your candid look at pregnancy!! It’s brilliant! I will tell you what, my first 12-14 weeks are the worst, especially the second (and now third time for me) around! Its not so much about taking care of yourself, but now you still gotta make sure you first born is still making it through the day!! Pregnant mom’s are saints!!

Very happy for you and look forward to reading about your journey! I am about 17 weeks ahead of ya with baby number three! :)
Joanne (The Real Food Mama) recently posted… Egg Bake Muffins

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

Definitely have to keep baby1 alive. haha. That does make it harder, but also makes it more fun I think… Anneliese is a pretty cool distraction.
Congrats on your baby number 3!

Amiyrah (14 comments)

I love reading your posts and remembering that you said a lot of it on twitter. I always feel like I’m “in the know” already. I’m going to call it now and say that you have a boy in that little belly. Guess we’ll see in about 9 months!
Amiyrah recently posted… The bank of Mom and Dad

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

haha you are in the know. :) it’s true. i tweet stuff and it’s lucky if it makes it to the blog.

Baby Making Mama (7 comments)

Yay!! So happy for you. Glad the baby is doing well in there :)

Man, I can’t wait to have another but remembering how tired I was the first time and reading about your experience makes me realize with my load I’d probably die. Haha. Hopefully things will settle down soon but until then, I’ll relish in your experience :)
Baby Making Mama recently posted… And I thought life was challenging BEFORE this week?–HA HA HA!

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s a temporary state. And that it’s okay to let go of some things or let some things slide right now.

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