July 30th 2012
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A while back on Instagram (in January of this year), Beth Allison, the awesome and motivating mother of twin boys Asher and Eli, started something I just couldn’t stay away from.
Hashtag #20choretuesday … take a look next time you’re in Instagram.
People post their lists of 20 chores they plan to accomplish during the day, pictures of their progress, and their updated lists with items proudly crossed off.
I LOVE this. I love taking a peek at other people’s to-dos (incidentally, I also really like when people post pictures of what’s in their purse, share what they ate, and share their daily schedules. I love learning about the minutiae of other people’s days.) and I enjoy having other people “cheer me on” as I cross things off of my own list.
If this all seems too odd to you, carry on with your day… but if you’re the same type of person (and I know I’m not alone), why don’t you join in? I’m going to (with Beth’s permission) host a weekly 20 Chore Tuesday roundup here at Joyful Abode! Each week, I’ll post my list, and possibly update the post as the day goes on.
There will be a “linky” at the bottom of the post where you can link to your own blog posts for 20 chore Tuesday.

Let’s make Tuesday the most productive day of the week!

Here’s my list for today. I use the Cozi Family app for my lists. I love it and so does everyone who has tried it on my recommendation. Give it a go (it’s free) or write your list on a notepad, in Word, on a post-it, or on your hand. But write it! Share! And Link up!

Ready to play?

to do list 1
(I hope I remember to make all of these calls early in the day. I often forget until after naptime, and then it’s too late to call because offices are closed or it’s too late on the East coast.)
to do list 2

Update: The kids are BOTH napping right now so I have a few minutes on the computer! I’m going to work on computery tasks while I can, then call my sister and rotate books if there is still time .I’m “saving” the front yard/outside chores for when Anneliese wakes up, so she can play outside while I work on those.I’ve also done some things that weren’t on the list, like laundry, dishes, and sweeping the kitchen. So here’s the list right now:

20 Chore Tuesday list

- Dust everything
- Put away clean laundry
- Rotate books
- Rotate toys
- Clean out roomba

- Catch up on sinking funds
- Update LLLove expenses page w/PayPal shipping.
- Make blog media kit
- Write BF Post 1

- Call USAirways about ticket refund
- Call exterminator
- Call Julie about car seats / airport pick up
- Call condos to confirm reservation

- Sweep back patio (&spiderwebs;)
- Sweep front patio (&spiderwebs;)
- Clean up front outside toys
- Prune rosebush

- Clean toilets
- Clean counters
- Clean mirrors

Feel free to put these badges into your sidebar or use them as your link back from your post.

20 chores Tuesday

Henni (18 comments)

Ok, so I installed cozi (loving it!), created a list, spent a few minutes (ok, more than just a few…) sorting it, signed up for instagram and took a screenshot of my laptop with the list on it… So far so good… But setting up the linky thing did not work… So here is the link:
Sorry for the poor quality pic :-(…
So far, I have 6 things marked as ‘done’.. lots left to do for the afternoon!!

Kelly Roselle (2 comments)

I’m in, and amazed at what a little extra accountability will do to keep you motivated. Thanks for inviting others to join it with you! I should also mention that I recently linked to your Toddler Room post as part of my inspiration for my son’s room. So a big thank you for that as well!! These are all the nice things about a blogging “community” :)

Sarah G/ SpooSpa (3 comments)

I don’t have much of a blog, but here’s my list. Kinda dinky. Lol

Shared To Do list

- Wake up
- Shower
- Clean bathroom mirror
- Go to LASIK appt.
- Eat lunch
- Start some laundry
- Sort the rest of the laundry
- Make bed
- Vacuum girls’ room
- Pick up clutter in girls’ bathroom
- Get stuff out for dinner
- Get husband motivated
- Empty dishes
- Fill dishes
- Pick up trash around house
- Pick up liv room
- Vacuum liv room.
- Fold laundry
- Organize towel cabinet
- Make dinner
- Go to bed

Henni (18 comments)

I am totally in! I have a long list of things to get done today anyways, so why not do it “together”? Love the idea! However, I have neither instagram, nor twitter, nor a blog at this point… :-( so I guess I will post a link to my list some other week, when I’ve figured out where! Hm, I guess I just added another “to do” thing to my list: finally start a blog!!! ;-) Thanks Emily!

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

Glad to have you, Henni! Why not post your list right here in the comments for now? :-)

Monica (3 comments)

This is an awesome idea. If I actually did 20 chores in one day, that would be everything I need to do for the whole week. (Ahem. I am NOT the world’s neatest person.)

I’m afraid my list would look the same every week though…

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

Aw don’t worry if it’s nearly the same. We still want to see and cheer you on! 20 in one day is a lot! And like you said, you can be mostly done for a while which is a great feeling.

UGH I want Instagram so bad! But I have a Windows phone that doesn’t offer it. BOO!!

I absolutely LOVE lists. Maybe I’ll try to do this anyway, and maybe just tweet it without the hashtag or something. Or use the hashtah but just for Twitter?

I like the idea of categories too, so all of the chores aren’t just household chores. I need to put together a media kit for my blog too!

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

I like to do categories so that I can get more done at a time when I can. Like when Anneliese is playing in her pool in the yard, I can work on outside / front yard things. When she is eating breakfast I usually work on kitchen tasks , but maybe I will make a couple of the phone calls during that time today. I can clean bathroom stuff in the morning while everyone is still on that end of te house, etx.

You totally should join in!! I wanted to get more people involved even if they don’t have instagram. So yes! Twitter! And your blog! Show us what you’re getting done!

Karen (5 comments)

I’m off with the kids to visit my husbands aunt today, I’ll have to try and link up next week! :) good idea. I love “what’s in your bag?”, “what’s your routine” posts. I think it appeals to my OCD personality.

Joyful Abode (1044 comments)

Have a good visit today! Looking forward to having you join in next time!

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