August 16th 2012
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How did you choose your child’s or children’s pediatrician? Since we’re a Navy family and have Tricare Prime insurance, we are limited to the pediatricians at our on-base medical facility. That’s great when we find someone who “matches up” personality-wise and philosophy-of-health-wise, but what do you do when that person moves away? (Since it’s the Navy and all … they DO move away.)

I want a pediatrician for my kids who:

1) Is “full-term” breastfeeding-friendly. And someone who knows about breastfeeding enough to know that a slow in growth after about 4 months (until about a year old) is a version of NORMAL for breastfeeding kids.

2) Pays attention to the “whole child.” I don’t want someone who will see my small kiddo/kiddos and think, “Wow, something’s wrong.” No. I was a tiny, tiny, tiny child … and apparently I make tiny, tiny, tiny children. If they’re happy, developing, learning, peeing, pooping, eating, alert, and generally WELL, they’re just small. Not under-nourished. I don’t want a doctor who looks at them (or me) suspiciously just because of one factor.

3) Doesn’t jump to drugs. I’d love a pediatrician who is ideally familiar with homeopathics, food/diet changes (like eliminating dairy temporarily for congestion issues), and so forth … sure, write me a prescription for something, but give me ideas of things I can try BEFORE turning to the drugs.

4) Is delayed/selective/no vaccine friendly. I want a pediatrician who doesn’t look at me like I have 3 heads when he or she realizes my kids aren’t “current” with their vaccines. One who will happily look up the brand of certain vaccines available at the facility, and one who will do some legwork to help me find SINGLE vaccines if I want them for vaccines that are normally combined.

5) Knows about intact penis care. This is becoming less of an issue as routine circumcision rates drop in the United States (California is pretty great for this too, with our high Latino population, though that doesn’t necessarily translate to the on-base numbers). But from online “natural parenting” groups, I know that there are situations where a doctor unknowingly retracts a baby’s foreskin to “check” or “clean” things, hurting the baby in the process.

I recently switched pediatricians when my previous one moved away, and I’m still “feeling out” the situation with the new one … but so far so good.

What do you look for in a pediatrician?

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mary (1 comments)

my baby is two years and cannot talk can the drug Encephabol help her to talk please

I HATE our pediatrician. Its the best/practically only practice around. The one doctor complains about my homeschooling and how hyper my son is EVERY time he see’s us. I could probably travel out of town for visits but the problem is “sick visits.” Your list is great, I wish I could find a doctor that appreciates natural care.

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