November 20th 2012
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Soooo, I haven’t really been blogging much lately. The first week was just crazy busy, and I missed a couple of things, then decided to take the rest of the week and get back on track on Monday.

Monday rolled around, and that didn’t happen… all 3 of us caught a cold, and we were pretty knocked out. Well, the kids were worse than I was, which was good so that I could take care of them. (I think it’s worse when I’m feeling super-bad or extremely tired and not able to give them the attention they need.)

Now that’s passing, which is great because our house is starting to feel a little more normal again, but Joey’s sleeping has been crazy (or non-existant) lately too, which means I’m still really tired. First it was because he was learning to crawl, and also teething, then it was his cold, and now I think he’s just used to sleeping weirdly. We are getting back on track, and the night before last night was good. I’m hopeful for a good night tonight too (he’s asleep right now). But we’ll see.

So anyway, it’s Tuesday (or it will be when I schedule this post. Right now it’s Monday evening.) and that means 20 chore Tuesday. I think it’ll be a good opportunity to have a more normally-productive day. We have a meeting in town, and will probably grab lunch with friends afterward, and…well…why don’t I just show you?

If not everything happens, that’s okay, but at least I have a starting point.

I can’t wait to show you guys Anneliese’s new sweater dress and Joey’s new vest that I made (they match) out of an old sweater of my husband’s. You’re going to die of the cuteness and then want to run and find your own sweater to upcycle.

I’m also crocheting a cardigan for Joseph. I have lots of little dresses that I made for Anneliese, but haven’t really ventured into boy sewing yet. I figured since he has a lot of clothes right now, I would make something he could wear a little more often than a typical T-shirt or pair of pants. So a sweater seemed right, because it can pop on over whatever outfit he has on. And if I do a good job (I’m trying), I can put it away to save for him for (GASP) grandbabies or whatnot. I can make him little romper thingies for the summer, but fall seems good for yarny projects.

Anyway, I’m hoping I’ll get back into a bloggy grove and things return to normal around here. I’ve been feeling a bit drained, and something had to give.

Ellen (1 comments)

Glad everyone is on the mend! Your clothes making projects sound fantastic – can’t wait to see them :) I was just saying to my husband that I want to re-learn how to crochet. I love the feel/texture of crochet. My dad taught me when I was 4 or 5, but I never continued. Then in 4th grade I learned to knit. Apparently that stuck enough for my brain to pick it back up in college. I only make scarves and shawls (squares and rectangles, hooray!), but it is still an enjoyable hobby with a gift to give at the end. Fun stuff :)

cora (5 comments)

Those first couple paragraphs sound exactly like my house with me and my two little ones. We’ve been fighting colds and lack of sleep…due to crawling and teething and such too. I am so thankful my cold has been mild. My poor two year old had a really bad one and now he’s back to full energy which is hard to keep up with. I admire your diligence to even keep a blog going. I don’t think I could do it. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you.

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