May 5th 2013
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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Social Spark sent me a new nursing pillow from Mombo, available at Toys R Us, since I have 2 nurslings and a ton of friends nursing their babies, as well as a bunch of breastfeeding readers. Well, when I went to try it out, my baby boy was like, “whaaa? we don’t use nursing pillow for babies . What on earth??” (I like them for floppy newborns but I don’t use them anymore) …and then I realized most of my friends are nursing older babies…

So I tracked down the younger-baby-nursing friends I have and got them to try out the pillow. One (R) has a 6 month old baby and the other (K) has a newborn baby.

First, let me tell you a little about this pillow. It’s different from the Other Nursing Pillow out there (I know there’s more than one, but you all know the most popular one… I’ll just call it ONP). The shape is a little different and the “platform” for the baby is wider than ONP’s. It also has 2 different sides (“firm2soft”) – a firm one for breastfeeding support, and a soft one for baby lounging (laying baby down partly propped up, or tummy time help) and sitting assistance. There is also a vibrating pod that can be inserted into the center of the pillow to help soothe baby as he nurses or plays.

So what did my friends think? 

R came over to try it first. She’s the one with the 6 month old boy. She thought the Mombo was easy to use and liked the way the soft side felt. She said the pillow looked nice and neutral. She liked the idea of the vibrating pod, but when her son nursed nad moved around, it turned off and on by itself. She suggested that for a newborn who isn’t as wiggly (or heavy) it might not be an issue.

Baby boy M was a little distracted by my taking pictures at first…


…but he settled in after a little while.


The next day, my friend K came over to try out the pillow with her newborn baby girl M.

K also said the Mombo was easy to use, and noted that during the “tummy time” practice, it wasn’t as easy for baby girl M to roll away/off of the pillow as it was using her ONP. She liked that the pillowy side had a softer minky-like fabric, while the firmer nursing side had a smooth fabric that would be easy to wipe if some milk or baby spit-up got on it.


K told me that normally when she is nursing with an ONP, she ends up bouncing her leg to sort of vibrate the pillow, so the vibrating pod was a definite plus and would allow her to relax more while she nurses her baby. She said (as R and I had suspected) that baby girl M didn’t turn the pod on and off by herself just by moving, and that it was easy enough to turn on and off through the pillow herself.


So do you want to win a Mombo nursing pillow?

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Chris Alejandro (1 comments)

I would give it to my sister who is having my niece in June!

Maggie (21 comments)

I’d love this for baby number 2! My husband and I are trying to get pregnant again!

Chelsea (3 comments)

This looks way better than my ONP!

Sara (1 comments)

This would be for me – my first child is due in Aug

Jennifer B (10 comments)


I’d love to win this for my SIL. She’s due in December with her first and I would LOVE to gift this to her!

Louis (1 comments)

for myself :)
Thank you for hosting this giveaway

pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

domestic diva (2 comments)

This would be perfect to use with my soon-coming little one.

Laura (19 comments)

I would love one of these! I never had a nursing pillow with my daughter, but I have been thinking about getting one now that I’m expecting again.

Jamie Knupp (1 comments)

I just had a baby April 14th and she is so precious! We are having trouble with the nursing thing, so this would be an amazing help as we continue to try the latching thing. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

Stacey B (3 comments)

I want to win this for our new baby girl due in August!

Stephanie (1 comments)

I’m expecting my first, and have been looking at all the nursing pillows out there. Glad to read a review from someone I trust ;)

Julie (18 comments)

I want one for me! I’m expecting my third child. While I loved the ONP for naptime and cute photos, I rarely used it for nursing.

T.Davis (1 comments)

I would like to win this pillow so that I can give it to my cousin who is pregnant with her first child. I AM BEYOND EXCITED!!!

Nicole (2 comments)

I would love this for baby girl N coming in September!

Stephanie (5 comments)

Definitely interested! The ONP I have has been ok…but this ine sounds neat.

Katrina (4 comments)

this would be for me

Joy (2 comments)

My cousin is due this summer and this would make a great gift.

April (2 comments)

It would be for a friend. She is suffering from celiac disease and adrenal fatigue, and she has several little kids (I love them!) who are adorable but also suffer from food intolerances. Thanks for the giveaway!

Dana (1 comments)

I am due in a few weeks and plan on only breast feeding this nursing pillow would be great for both of us!

monica (6 comments)

I’m expecting my surprise 4th baby this fall. I already gave my Boppy away, but this looks a lot nicer!

Beth F (1 comments)

I have a six week old and I’m interested in trying a different kind of nursing pillow!

Michelle (1 comments)

I’m expecting my first and this sounds great!

Liz Joiner (2 comments)

So neat! We will be having another baby in the coming months and this would come in handy!

I’m expecting my second in July and would LOVE a chance to try this out. I didn’t have a big problem with the ONP but it seems like the differences would be worth checking out!

Stacey (11 comments)

I would LOVE this for my friend. She is expecting her baby girl in Sept. and we are having a shower for her in July. I know she’s been wanting one of these and I would LOVE to win and give it to her.

Hope H (1 comments)

I have go e back and forth between this one and another brand…I realy like the way this has two different sides as far as the firmness goes.

Rebecca (2 comments)

This would be a major upgrade from the boppy for my little one. He would be nursing in style :)

Michelle (1 comments)

This looks great! Beats the boppy :)

Hana K (24 comments)

I’m expecting my second in July so it would be for me!

AmandaBryce (14 comments)

Whoa, that’s pretty cool! I like that there are two different sides.

Sonya Morris (3 comments)

It would be for me. After four kids, mine is not as nice as the Mombo and I would love a new one.

Leah Spencer (9 comments)

This would be awesome for baby #3 that’s on the way. :)

Elizabeth (1 comments)

What a cool idea! I’ve got a 3 month old, one sister in law is due in July and the other sister in law due in November. We could pass it around!

susan (8 comments)

I only ever used the breastfriend for nursing..I loved it, but the vibrating sounds cool

Jasmine Violette (4 comments)

Oh this sounds perfect for our new little one on the way!

Tracy (2 comments)

This would be for me! I’m pregnant with my 3rd baby and would love to have a nice pillow to nurse him on.

Melanie (3 comments)

This would be great for Baby #3 arriving in October. The idea of a firm and soft side is interesting.

Amanda (2 comments)

Planning ahead for baby number 2 so it would be for me, it just wouldn’t be used for a while since I’m not even pregnant yet, lol

I would want it for baby number 3. I think the vibrating part would be great for a newborn.

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