November 20th 2013
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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bolthouse Farms for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I got the chance to try some of these Bolthouse Farms beverages, and tell you about a Bolthouse Instagram Promotion where you can get a $1.50 coupon just for posting a photo of a Bolthouse bottle or advertisement on your (public) Instagram with the hashtags #CarrotFarmers and #GotCoupon. These bottles cost 1.89 at Publix I think, so you'd get your juice or smoothie for less than 50 cents! 

I'm most familiar with Bolthouse because of their carrots. I buy their big carrots and baby carrots pretty often, because they're so available in grocery stores. 

I also drank TONS of the Chai latte drink they make when I was a teacher in 2006-2007. It seemed like a great way to start my day when I didn't have time to make breakfast (I practically lived at the school) and it was delicious. I avoid soy now, and since it's soymilk-based I haven't had it in years.

But there are 30+ flavors and, while it was a little difficult to find a store with a wide selection, many stores I went to had maybe 4-5 flavors. Publix had a lot more though, however still not all 30. A lot of the flavors have soy protein, soy milk, or agave syrup.

Still, I found some that, aside from being fortified with vitamins, seemed mostly in-line with how we eat. The winner was definitely the 100% carrot juice though (with no other ingredients). 

We've taste-tested a couple of the drinks so far, and the C-boost was really pleasant (which I thought was weird because I don't typically like mango), while the Multi-V was far too sweet for me. 

We rarely drink juice, so I mixed the rest of each bottle with some gelatin and made snacks to enjoy later. Pretty tasty! 

If you do plan to get a coupon to try the drinks, post your IG pic before you go to the store (this works since you can use a photo of an ad of theirs), because the coupon doesn't display on your phone – you have to print it from a home printer. Then, when you get to the store, you can use the coupon! 

Are you going to try one? 

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Justine (3 comments)

Can you tell me what snacks you made with the bolt house juice and gelatin? And the ratios?

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