I let the water beads grow to their full potential over about 6 hours, then stirred in a few drops of lemon essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil. In no time, the kids were breathing clearly and feeling much better. Plus, they were having lots of fun, of course!

printable household cleaner recipes

Here are the re-tested and updated recipes for the 6 natural household cleaner recipes I use the most often. All-purpose cleaner, degreaser, glass cleaner, linen spray & air freshener, toilet bowl cleaner, and carpet refresher. Here’s what you’ll need to make some awesome homemade cleaning products for your whole house: Peppermint Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap White

This salad is so simple with the Love Beets beets infused with white wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar. The beets are so flavorful I didn’t even need to add my own vinegar for the dressing. The beets were enough!

Read what my preschooler thought about EmbarK12 Online, and enter for your chance to win a YEAR subscription to the program.

car emergency kit checklist printable PDF

If you think some of the stuff is crazy, just remember you could get trapped in your car on the highway in the southeast due to snow and ice… pretty much anything could happen. I don’t love shopping for tons of stuff in stores (other than groceries) in general, especially with small kids, so I

magical glitter jars diy

Magical swirling glitter mesmerizes my kids while I get their breakfast or lunch ready. No more impatient toddlers clambering for food while I cook.

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