Sep 17 2007
Category: Day-to-day

1.  While I am a huge proponent of decluttering and I’m firmly an anti-clutter person, I am addicted to office supplies! When the guy and I moved in together, he had a shoe box of office supplies, and I had a big Rubbermaid bin full. That’s not including the dozens of empty binders and brand new folders (hey, I’m a teacher). I downsized a little, and consolidated our things, but we still have a LOT of office supplies.

2.  Speaking of my downfalls… I can organize almost anything, but I cannot keep my paper stuff under control. I have piles of papers in various stages of action… and I thought I had it contained, but now I know I’ve lost it again.

3.  For a long, long time, I was afraid of cooking meat. I never knew if it was done, and I’d worry about overcooking it in fear of leaving it too raw (chicken, pork especially). After 2 months of being married and cooking for a man, I’ve lost that fear. I can cook anything!

4. I did not really start cooking and baking until college. I could make basic stuff, and deal with a lot of pasta, but baked goods weren’t my thing. This is mostly because my little sister was “The Chef in the Family” and doesn’t share the kitchen very well. So if WE wanted to bake cookies, SHE baked them and maybe let me stir the dough like a little kid. But dang… those are some fiiiine cookies.

5. Autumn is my favorite season, and this is evident in my color choices for many things (mmm…pumpkin, sage, goldeny, salmon). I also love Autumnal flavors like chai, pumpkin, and gingerbread year-round. But I do enjoy hot summer days on the beach. Pensacola’s good for that.

6. As much as I love writing in Joyful Abode, I can’t stand paper-and-pen writing. I also never liked writing papers for school, cover letters for job applications, or any other “official” writing. It was such a pain… I’m not a slow thinker (haha) or typist, but a 1-page paper could easily take me an hour or longer to write.

7. I’m living proof that you can get a guy by semi-stalking him. Maybe I learned that from my oldest sister… hmm… She’s living proof too. And we’ve got some great guys. Ever wonder why the good ones got snatched up so quickly? Stalkers.

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  1. NaBloPoMo...coming out | Joyful Abode says:

    […] the NaBloPoMo people who “tagged” me for the 7 things… I already did it. Sorry!!! I know you just joined in during November, so you didn’t know… but there it […]

  2. Joyful Abode says:

    Haha, Mrs.Dragon. That is all.

  3. MrsDragon says:

    Stalking story plz. : )

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