July 21st 2015
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This artichoke dip was originally posted in April of 2010, and has remained a consistent reader favorite as well as a party staple in my home. You will never regret giving this recipe a try! – Updated July 2015 with printable recipe and a more Pinterest-friendly image.

A while ago, I posted another recipe for artichoke dip, but let me tell you – this one blows that one out of the water.

Are you looking for the very best artichoke dip recipe ever? This one blows every other artichoke dip out of the water.

This artichoke dip is thicker and richer, thanks to the cream cheese, and it also has a zing of flavor from the seasonings I added. This one is also grain-free (the other one used flour as a thickener). Plus, it has yummy spinach swirled throughout it. Score!

Spinach artichoke dip has always been one of my favorite appetizers to order in restaurants, but I basically never order it anymore because it’s always served with chips/bread/crackers. This artichoke dip is just as awesome as the restaurant varieties (well, more so because you know exactly what you’ve put in it) and since it’s in my own kitchen, I can eat it with whatever I’d like.


Cheese crisps are a great “cracker” for scooping it up, and it’s also great with carrot sticks, celery, strips of raw bell peppers, or any number of other goodies.

Artichoke dip and cheese crisps

Another great thing about this artichoke dip is that it can be made very quickly by microwaving the ingredients sort-of-separately, mixing, then broiling in the oven. If you have more time and want fewer steps in preparation though, you could just mix everything together  and then throw it in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30-45 minutes or until it’s heated through.

5.0 from 4 reviews
A-Freaking-Mazing Artichoke Dip
Recipe type: Appetizer
Cuisine: Grain-free, Gluten-free, Primal, Low Carb
This is the best artichoke dip you'll ever make. It's quick and easy, and everyone loves it.
  • 8 oz. Cream Cheese
  • A dollop of sour cream - maybe ¼ - ⅓ cup
  • A dollop of mayonnaise - about ¼ cup
  • About a cup of chopped spinach (either fresh, cooked, or frozen, thawed)
  • 2 cans or jars of artichoke hearts (in water, not marinated), drained and roughly chopped
  • Garlic salt to taste
  • Chili powder
  • ½ cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  • A handful of shredded mozzarella cheese for the top
  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Warm the cream cheese in the microwave for 2 minutes on 50% heat to soften it. Pre-microwaving the cream cheese will help you mix it with the other ingredients, so I recommend not skipping this step.
  3. Mix all ingredients in a baking dish.
  4. Be generous with the chili powder! The cream cheese and sour cream will act to "cool" the dip, so you can sprinkle away with the chili!
  5. Bake 30-45 minutes until heated through.
  6. Sprinkle on a bit more mozzarella, then broil until the cheese is browned.


Artichoke dip and cheese crisps

Now you can get down to the business of eating and enjoying your delicious dip. Try it with:

  1. Zero-Carb Homemade Baked Cheese Crisps
  2. Carrot sticks
  3. Celery sticks
  4. Strips of raw bell peppers
  5. Pork rinds
  6. A spoon
  7. Homemade grain-free crackers (I’m thinking of a sesame-seed based one that I may try to make!)
  8. Slices of turnips, jicama, or large radishes

I also think it would be great in hollowed-out Roma tomato halves or jalapeno pepper halves, possibly wrapped with bacon. Dear goodness…. *sigh*

Make it in a beautiful enameled baking dish, and this artichoke dip will be ready for entertaining everyone’s tastebuds at your party in style.

Artichoke dip and cheese crisps

Dawn (1 comments)

Want to make this for Christmas Day (Friday) & want to make it tonight (wed). Can I cook it & freeze it or do you recommend just making it on Friday given the ease of recipe?

Emily Chapelle (428 comments)

I would just make it on Christmas. But you could definitely make it and just put it in the fridge for now, pop it in the oven on Christmas.

Mel (1 comments)

I would like to make this, however, I don’t see measurements on some ingredients. Such as the artichoke – how much? How much chili powder, etc…

Ashish Khadke (1 comments)

Looking damn yummy…
Thank you for this awesome yummy delicious recipe

Chrissy (1 comments)

Can u throw this all in a crockpot and let it cook that way….and how long if so

Emily Chapelle (428 comments)

I’m sure you could do it that way – you wouldn’t get the nice bubbly top, but most of the cooking is just heating the ingredients through. I’m not sure how long it would take, but when everything is warm it’s done.

James Maloney (1 comments)

Can’t wait to try this recipe. My wife and I en.joy cooking together She will love this! I’ll pick up the ingredients on my home tonight and we’ll eat it while we cook!
Btw, can we use whipped cream cheese? I have an eight oz. container at home.
Using it would make mixing it much easier.
Many thanks.
Jim Maloney

Emily Chapelle (428 comments)

You can use whipped, but I PROMISE you that if you microwave a regular block of cream cheese for just a few seconds, it’ll be crazy easy to mix. And it’s cheaper than whipped.

Sandra Walker (1 comments)

Can you freeze leftovers?

Emily Chapelle (428 comments)

absolutely. sometimes i double or triple just so i can freeze some!

Anita (1 comments)

This recipe looks so delicious! Hi, I’m Anita visiting from Freedom Fridays.

Brittney (1 comments)

Couple questions :)

How many servings does the original recipe make? I’m thinking of doubling the recipe for a party of 40…but then what size dish should I use?

Emily Chapelle (428 comments)

Double and bake it in 2 pans instead of one. :) For a party with other food too, double will be fine.

Sheila (1 comments)

I pinned the artichoke dip recipe because it did look freaking-Ama, Emily!

Emily Chapelle (428 comments)

Thanks, Sheila!

Elizabeth (4 comments)

Awesome dip! I had most of the ingredients at room temp and broiled for about 15 minutes and it was great! Made it for dinner and have been “testing” it with all my roasted veggies that I dont think I’ll have room to actually eat it for dinner. Thanks for a great dinner idea!

Tricia (8 comments)

Excellent recipe! My kids love it and all my friends do as well!

Donna (1 comments)

I was wondering if you use frozen spinach do you squeeze it dry, just dump in the box, or drain in a colander? can’t wait to try it.

Emily Chapelle (428 comments)

I put it in a fine-mesh colander and squish it down with my hands in the sink to squeeze out the water. Doing it in a tea towel over the sink would work too… it doesn’t have to be DRY but it needs to not be soggy.

Jeni (1 comments)

If you use freshly steamed artichokes, about how many would you suggest to use?

Emily Chapelle (428 comments)

One can of artichoke hearts = around a cup and a half of artichoke hearts.

Hilary (1 comments)

Has anyone made this dip In advance? I’m wondering if I can get it all prepared today and then cook and serve tomorrow…

Jenna (1 comments)

i think it’s asked enough
Jar size
Spices measurements
Still curious but can wing it but I do like to know what the original recipe calls for.
Many main question is do you drain the artichokes?

Emily Chapelle (428 comments)

Yes, absolutely drain and rinse the artichoke hearts.

Danielle (1 comments)

Using 1/2 marinated artichokes 1/2 unmarinated is 500 times tastier. You should try it. Been making it for years and it is always a huge hit.

shari (1 comments)

stuffing mushrooms with my dip today!!! Can’t wait to try!

Emily Chapelle (428 comments)

ooh that sounds SO good. How did it go?

CArl (1 comments)

I cannot get your Peanut butter ball recipe. When I click on it I am sent to the Amazing Artichoke recipe. Can you tell me how to get it? Thank you.

Amy (1 comments)

Not so amazing. Made it exactly as recipe says. My family was excited to try it but that quickly fizzled and it sat in my fridge the rest of the week. Perhaps altering the recipe like others did may help.

Jiminyc (1 comments)

I made this for a party, didn’t broil it, just put it in a small crockpot for serving. I used some yogurt mixed with the sour cream, this dip is delicious. Absolutely will make again. For those concerned about spices and how much artichokes, it really doesn’t matter, add spices to your own taste and same with the artichokes and spinach. I used one 14.65 oz. can of artichokes, and it seemed plenty to me. The jars are usually smaller than the cans. Thanks for the recipe!

Elena (1 comments)

My Family Absolutely Loved this artichoke and spinach dip recipe

Holly (1 comments)

Great recipe! I added finely diced red pepper and one jalapeños and it was good!

Karen (1 comments)

I made this dip for my Christmas Eve family gathering and what a hit. I didn’t use spinach and I added about a 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese. I baked it about 15 minutes at 350, then put it under the broiler to brown the cheese. I will keep this on the yummy appetizer list!

Kc (1 comments)

What size cans of artichoke!!!??

SZ (2 comments)

I wondered the same thing, but just went with it. I used two reg sized cans, like a regular veg can whatever that is. Was afraid it would be too much, but it wasn’t. Someone else said they used more spinach and less artichokes, so I don’t think you can go wrong. It’s more of a “throw it” together recipe, I think.

tee (1 comments)

you’re absolutely right – i make this with a LOT more spinach 1 16 oz bag squeezed dry (to sneak more veggies in my family’s diet) course that’s nixed by the extra cheese i put in here (fresh parm & pepper jack!) – the combination of different cheeses is great; plus sometimes, i reserve part of the batch and keep it in the fridge to have “fresh” dip ready and waiting later – great for game days and also holidays.

Bitsy (1 comments)

How much garlic salt and how much is “generous amount” of chili powder?

SZ (2 comments)

Just eyeball it. I was more careful with the garlic salt, because I didn’t want to ruin it by being too salty and actually just shook a little bit of garlic powder in too. You can be pretty generous with the chili powder because of the cream cheese. I am a “need a measure” person too. Just not a go with it cook, makes me nervous, but it turned out great.

LSquared (1 comments)

Instead of sour cream & mayo, I used Greek Yogurt spiced with fresh dill, chili powder, Cavendars, & lemon. Sounds complicated, but its not. Delish👸

Andrea (1 comments)

I loved this recipe!! I brought it to a family gathering and it was a huge hit! Thank you so much for sharing! I will definitely be making this again.

Steffany (1 comments)

how big are the jars of artichoke and how much garlic salt and chili powder?

Kristin (1 comments)

How much garlic salt and chili powder are you guys using?

Deanna (1 comments)

Can’t WAIT to try this! I love your grain-free style and the cheese crisps look SOOO tasty, too! Thanks!!!

Marianne (1 comments)

Wow! A-Freaking-Mazing it is! And soooo simple to make. Thanks for this.

Stargazer (2 comments)

A great dipping cracker to use is Sesame Ry-Krisp. Lowest carb count of all the Ry-Krisp flavors, and sturdy enough to dip without breaking.

Sarah (1 comments)

I am obsessed with all things artichoke and this recipe closely rivals my favorite!


Carolyn Moore (1 comments)

This was sooooooooooooooooo good,I made it twice, the second time I put it on pasta. Had no left over’s.

Stephanie (1 comments)

I made the spinach dip tonight with all low fat or fat free ingredients and put it on a pizza crust to make spinach artichoke dip pizza. WOW! A Freaking Mazing!!!

Robin (1 comments)

We made this for a party we went to yesterday. Everyone loved it but I will say it was really dry, I wonder if we somehow cooked it too long.

sara (1 comments)

i’ve made this many many times as it is always a big hit. thank you so much! i did add some maryland flare in there a few times by putting in jumbo lump crab meat. very tasty.

Sarah (1 comments)

Hi guys! I haven’t tried this for I have a recipe of my own, but I buy really good roasted garlic Alfredo sauce and add about a cup, along with some parmesan cheese. the Alfredo sauce makes it even more unbelievably creamy! this recipe looks delish, i’ll have to try the addition of chili powder, i love the stuff! Also pita chips are wonderful with it and good old tortilla chips as well!

Susan (1 comments)

We add a 4 oz can of chopped green chilies to our artichoke dip – delicious!

Bonnie (1 comments)

I also add the chopped green chilies. Great flavor!

Erin (1 comments)

Just made this tonight- it is awesome! Thanks for this great recipe!!!

nicki (1 comments)

Made it last night. Delish but its missing something…..
the kitchen & I have a very NEW relationship so, any suggestions, vets?

kayla (1 comments)

yea add shredded whole garlic instead of the powder and wow its amazing:}..!!!!

Hannah (1 comments)

Made this dip last weekend and it truly was amazing! The only thing I did different was to use red pepper instead of chili pepper. Will be saving this recipe under favorites!

Amber (1 comments)

How big of cans of artichokes? and how much garlic salt?

Jill (1 comments)

Oh my goodness, this was delicious!

I calculated the nutritional info and thought I’d share to save someone else the time.
I came up with 9 1/3 cup servings.
Calories: 176.8
Fat: 15.7
Sat Fat: 7.8
Carbs: 5.3
Fiber: 1
Protein: 3.6

Funny that someone counting carbs would even make this, huh? :) Worth every calorie!

Roz (1 comments)

That would be 5 Points Plus on the Weight Watchers program for 1/3 cup per your calculations.

Monica (1 comments)

I made this dip for my NFL playoff party this weekend and it was FAB!!! Best artichoke dip EVER! You could eat it with a spoon….and I did!! I loved it so much, I shared it on my blog. I will be linking it back to you! Thanks!

erica (1 comments)

The name is perfect for this recipe. I’ve made it twice…and getting ready to make it for a new years eve party. thanks for the great recipe.

Kevin (Closet Cooking) (1 comments)

That dip looks amazing!

Lisa (1 comments)

I’ve made a similar recipe but used red pepper and red pepper flakes instead of chili powder. Awesome!

Allison (1 comments)

This looks amazing! How much garlic salt and chili powder do you use?

Esther (1 comments)

Absolutely incredible recipe. I’ve made this twice now, the first time for a party, and it was eaten so fast that there was no time to take pictures! Thanks for posting :)

Heather (1 comments)

This was hands down the BEST artichoke dip I’ve EVER had! Make it now people!!

Bethany (4 comments)

A-freaking-mazing is right! I just made this for dinner and OMG I am just blown away. This was great! Only change I made was I added a bunch of chopped cooked chicken breast. I cooked the chicken in a cast iron skillet in bacon fat (my favorite way, keeps it moist) and then once everything was mixed, I returned it back to the skillet with the leftover grease and the browned bits and cooked it a little that way. Threw on a cheddar jack shred mix and some fresh grated parmesan.

Even my KIDS ate their veggies with this! I served it with cut up celery, carrots and turnips, and some grain-free sesame/sunflower crackers. Simply phenomenal. I think I’ve gotten more awesome recipes from your blog than anywhere else.

Darcy (1 comments)

How big are the jars that the artichokes are in? I bought two jars at Costco, will one be enough?

Aaria (1 comments)

Yummy ………. it looks really yummy…. i’ll surely try it… thanks for sharing dear! :)

KK in Dallas (1 comments)

I’m thinking some toasted pita for dipping.

Amber Killmon (1 comments)

The thought of artichokes scare me, but this looks so good I think I could overcome that fear!

epicjess (1 comments)

Looks yummy!!! But, needs bacon.

Juss (1 comments)

Awesome, very delicious! Thanks!

Joanne P. (31 comments)

OMG…I just tried this for the first time tonight….it was so FREAKING amazing!!! THANK YOU!

Ambre Sautter (1 comments)

This looks absolutely A.MA.ZING.!

Mary Frances (1 comments)

Thank you SO much for this. I have printed out both recipes (this and the cheese crackers-which I made three batches of last night). Can't wait to see more!

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

yes that's exactly what i use. the “marinated” ones are really gross in my opinion.

Jennifer (1 comments)

I can't wait to make this! All I have is canned artichokes in water?? Will that work?

Melissa Hettick (23 comments)

Sure is my dear!!

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Oh, yay! I'm glad you liked it!

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

You absolutely may post it to the FFF stuff. :) Just make sure to say it's by Emily Chapelle at http://www.JoyfulAbode.com in both (and link from the website too). Spinach is coming in this week's baskets, right? Perfect timing!

Melissa Hettick (23 comments)

Awesome recipe! May I have permission to post it in the FFF newsletter/site?

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Oh, yay! I'm glad you liked it!

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Good! It's so on my to-make-again-and-again list!

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Good! It's so on my to-make-again-and-again list!

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Awesome Gina! I hope you enjoy it! :)

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Awesome Gina! I hope you enjoy it! :)

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Yes, the cheese crisps are. :)

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Yes, the cheese crisps are. :)

Mayness (21 comments)

Made this tonight – yum! Even though I left it in the oven a bit too long and it was kinda dry, it tasted fabulous. I prepared all sorts of stuff to dip in it… raw veggies, the cheese crisps (also yum!) and baked tortilla chips for my non-primal husband. I'll definitely make this again.

Carrie Anne (1 comments)

This is so on my to-make list.

Gina (4 comments)

This looks and sounds fab. I love that you have grain free recipes on your website. I've always been a big fan of spinach and artichokes, so this is a no brainer for me.

Budger (946 comments)

This looks amazing! Can't wait to try it. Are the cheese crisps gluten-free?

Budger (946 comments)

This looks amazing! Can't wait to try it. Are the cheese crisps gluten-free?

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Thanks for stopping by, Kelly! I really hope you like them if you try them – I can't imagine NOT liking them though. yum, yum. The chili powder was a last-minute whim and I'm glad I put it in. It definitely added a kick.

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

You're so welcome, and thank you for commenting to let me know you're enjoying it! :) I really hope you like the dip – it sure reminds me of “restaurant style” spinach artichoke dips. But like you said, Primal. Win!

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Yup, lots of dairy. I have nothing against it. And since about the middle of my second trimester I've been craving dairy in all forms, so… yeah.

Glad you're enjoying your transition.

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

definitely try with the cream cheese too… the other recipe i had didn't have the cream cheese, but this is definitely WAY yummier… in my opinion anyway.

Kelly the Kitchen Kop (1 comments)

These DOOOOOO look heavenly!! The chili powder sounds like JUST the thing to make this pop even more. And I want to try the cheese crisps!!


Jeff (1 comments)

Prior to checking this out, my all time fave artichoke dip was that found at Houston's Restaurants. This looks like a close cousin, but Primal, so it goes on my To Do list pronto! Thanks for continuing to share these great treats!

Dosenberry (17 comments)

That looks quite amazing!

Lots of dairy though… I guess since it is a dip I will have to try it soon!

Primal food is getting more and more delightful! I enjoyed salmon and steamed veggies for dinner tonight :)

allconsuming (6 comments)

WOW – I make something almost identical in ingredients except without the cream cheese – 1 cup mayo, 1 cup sour cream and then as you do. Have not thought to add spinach before but that is an awesome idea!

Ashley (50 comments)

Looks delicious!

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

Are you “counting carbs”? I don't “count” anything anymore… much simpler to just eat real nutrient-dense foods and listen to your body. But I'm not trying to lose weight either. I might count carbs if I were trying for weight loss…

JoyfulAbode (953 comments)

haha cosmic explosion. It was pretty amazing, I'll admit.

low-fat low-calorie is definitely mainstream, but low-carb sure has its following… And since I am decidedly NOT in the low-fat, calorie-counting crowd anymore…well…

Elizabeth Martin (1 comments)

It looks delicious, but I'll have to add up the carbs before I try it!

feastingfitness (1 comments)

OMG that looks SO freakin' delicious! Great recipe and simple to make–always a plus!

I can only imagine the cosmic explosion of dipping your amazing cheese crisps into this! WOW!

PS I love how you named your crisps Zero-Carb, which makes me chuckle because I still see so many people eating up the low-fat and zero-calorie hype. They would be so confused by your Zero-Carb! But Zero-Carb is legit! :)

STEPHANIE (1 comments)

How many people will this serve? Would I need to double the recipe for 8-10 people? I will have other things in addition to the dip and veggies.

Emily Chapelle (428 comments)

I think you’d be fine for 8-10 with other foods. :) Hope you enjoy it!

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