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One of my jobs as a mom is to soothe and comfort my babies when they’re hurt, upset, or having “big feelings.” Certainly, there’s a lot of crying when they’re babies…

I mean how is this:

…even the same kid as this?

…but it still happens now that they’re preschoolers! 

Yesterday, my son came home from the park with a bump on his forehead from falling off of the bench (he was trying to get away from a bug that was crawling toward him). He was upset, crying, red-faced, and I listened to him sob through recounting the story, assuring him he would be okay soon and that he’s a brave guy… as my husband gathered a napkin full of ice for his head. 

In just a few minutes, he was snuggling his daddy, pressing the ice against his bump. This morning? Good as new. 

Even my almost-five year old daughter still gets absolutely hysterical sometimes. The worst is her middle-of-the-night red-faced half-asleep nightmare crying. She only has nightmares once in a while, MAYBE once a month, or less, but when it happens it breaks my heart. It takes so long to even get her to be fully aware of my presence – lots of verbal reassurance as I sit on her bed – and only then am I able to help her calm down fully and get back to sleep with a quick snuggle. 

I’m so heartbroken every time my kids are upset or hurt like this. But thankful that I can soothe them, comfort them, and watch them turn around again into the happy kids they generally are. 

A new little guy is joining our family soon… and I know there will be tears, but there will be so many snuggles, smiles, and giggles too! The last thing I want is for him to be upset for a reason I could easily “erase.” 

What are your tips for soothing upset babies? What’s in your “toolbox”? 

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