October 26th 2010
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Well, not of energy, but of free time today. Yesterday, my girl didn’t nap at all, and nursed almost all day. Today she’s been sleeping almost all day. But who could resist the pun, when I’ve been playing with my serger today?

I bought this serger based on its TONS of 4-5 star reviews, and relatively inexpensive pricing (less than $200, with free shipping). Everyone said it was super-easy to use, and since I can remember my mother’s insanely complicated-seeming serger when I was a kid, I figured ease-of-use would be a deal-maker.


Right out of the box, it’s ready to use. It comes with an instruction booklet that’s good for referencing, and an instructional CD-ROM with videos that are good for watching before you use it the first time.

Unfortunately, I let the green tester-spool of thread run out, so I wasn’t able to do the easy tie-on-pull-through threading. Plus, it was the spool that has to be threaded first (you have to thread in a certain order, otherwise it won’t work). I think they do that on purpose, so you’re forced to learn to thread from scratch it right away.

So I threaded it. And serged a little chain before one of the threads broke. *sigh* the lower looper thread (the one that has to be threaded FIRST, again). Threaded all 4 threads again. Same deal – thread broke after a few inches.

Then I realized I had a tiny part of the threading wrong, re-threaded it, and lo and behold, it worked!


Then I set about sewing my diaper inserts I’ve been needing to make. They’re a bit wonky, partly because I’m getting used to the machine, and partly because it’s such a thick stack of fabric for the machine to handle. Some of them ended up smaller than I wanted because I cut off too much fabric, but hey… I got them done!

(The rainbow-edged ones are the ones made with the test thread.)


I figure wonky is perfectly acceptable for this project, since they’re going to just be peed and pooed on after all. I’m prepping them now (washing on hot and drying – 6 times) so they’ll be absorbent, and I’ll let you know how it goes once I try them out!

Also? I need to get some more thread. I’m not used to needing 4 spools of the same color, so I only have 1 spool of each color/shade… hence using 4 different yellows for this project!


PS. I still can’t get over how much I love this new camera lens I got. Best $100 I’ve spent in a long time! All the awesome photos in this post were taken with it, in my dim house with no flash.

Alice Crawford (1 comments)

I also have this serger. It’s a breeze to thread but you MUST FOLLOW THE RULES. I’ve had a Bernina and another serger and it would actually take an hour to thread…and then it would mess up. Because I’d paid so much for each of the others I hesitated (for years) to spend any more money on a serger and so I did without.but finally bit the bullet and broke down since this one is so cheap. A work of caution: since most of the parts are plastic don’t abuse this baby, it will be worth a few years of use if you don’t overload it with heavy layers of fabric or thread which throws out a lot of fuzz. Take good care of it and it will serve you well. Also, keep it cleaned out with a small brush for the inside.

Jenn (1 comments)

I was wondering what did you use to make your homemade inserts?

Bobbi Janay (13 comments)

That seems so complicated.

Mikki (5 comments)

They look great. Beautiful. I always love seeing how these Sergers work.
Mikki recently posted… Gluten Free Girl amp The Chef Winner

AndreAnna (1 comments)

I don’t have the patience to sew but I wanted to tell you I have the same exact lens for my camera and agree it is well worth its price for its capabilities. Only downside? My two-year old broke it.

You’ve got time yet. Enjoy the non-mobility while you’ve got it. :)

monsterbugblankets (16 comments)

Emily, thanks for the info on this serger–I’ve been hemming and hawing over sergers for months now! The inexpensive ones at the local stores seemed so cheaply made, and then the cheapest good one was going to set me back $550 plus a ruffler foot. :P So I’ve just waited–cause I don’t know if I want/need a serger enough to spend $600…..

I’ll keep checking to see how you like yours–hahaha!


Tristina (58 comments)

That actually looks like fun! Maybe after my mom teaches me how to use my grandmother’s sewing machine, I’ll move onto learning how to use a serger.

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