Sep 03 2013
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“Nothing says Meow like a cat eye.”
…except for a cat mouth?

Seriously though, I love tips about eye makeup because I’m so hopeless when it comes to that. So I really wish I could see more in a close-up shot exactly what she is doing. The “Don’t smudge” tip doesn’t really help me out either… because I can’t help but smudge my eye makeup every time. A primer is supposed to help with that though, right? How do you keep from smudging your eye makeup? Do you have any cat eye tips?

2 Comments on Almay Video 3

  1. Maggie says:

    I always use a liquid eyeliner pen. It’s just like a marker, but with eyeliner instead of ink. It makes it a billion times easier to control the line. I pull my eyelid towards my ear, and start with a really thin line, making it thicker as I get closer to my ear. It turns out really nice!

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