April 20th 2011
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For a long time (since she has been sitting up), I’ve been meaning to create a treasure basket for Anneliese. Full of things that are beautiful to look at and touch, that feel different from each other (unlike her plastic toys, which all feel the same), things that are interesting for her to explore.

Instead, I rotated her toys a few times – which appeases her for a little while, but soon her toys become boring to her again, and now that she’s crawling (and I mean REALLY crawling), this means she RACES over to whatever non-toy item she sees first, to explore it. Which, you know, means putting it in her mouth. Even if it’s the dog’s chew toys. Gross. I catch her MOST of the time.

So today, while “popping in” to World Market to buy a spring form pan, I decided to search for some lovely things for Anneliese to play with. Treasures.

And I found them.


2 painted (and lacquered) paper mache eggs; 3 napkin rings – one rope, one straw, one wooden; one fancy decorated metal box; one wooden guiro (the frog shaped percussion instrument).


A pretty silky bag that snaps closed; a tiny metal whisk; a lightweight painted wooden mirror.


And these wonderful wooden condiment spoons that are tied together. They’re intended to be untied of course, but I like how they’re like a set of keys or a rattle this way.


Yes, I did show them to her early. But by Sunday, she won’t remember anything about this…


When she gets bigger, I can put things into the bag and the box for her to discover, and she can use the spoons (untied) for transferring dried beans or rice from one container to another.

This basket isn’t intended to be a one-time thing. I’m looking forward to finding new items to put into it for her – around the house, in nature, and in shops.

World Market was just a good place to start!

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