March 20th 2012
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It’s still a couple of weeks until my due date, but there are a few things I’ve noticed. I don’t think I’m alone in these, so let me know if you have a “me too!” moment.

  • The “look at my so-cute” pregnant bump is pretty much nearing its end. Instead, it’s replaced by the “whoa, I’m like some sort of beached whale” bump. Even if it doesn’t LOOK that huge, I think by the last month, we all feel pretty gigantic. Instead of cute little baby flutters, we feel our babies rolling and smashing around in there like a 6-year-old in gymnastics class.
  • Nesting? Some people get their nesting “kick” at the very end. I think mine peaked in the second trimester. I had SO much energy, and SO much motivation. Now I have a long list of things I’d like to do, but a lot of days, naps win over scrubbing door frames.
  • Clothing is the enemy. Any bit of “support” elastic or structure, while it might be fine in the morning, is like a boa constrictor by the end of the day. The muumuu pregnancy styles of yore are looking quite attractive these days.
  • Alternating between “Gimmie my baby now!” and “What am I going to do with another (or a) baby?” Mostly I’m just SUPER excited to have this kiddo out (of course, only “fully cooked,” please) and to get to know him and have him become a part of our family. But there’s also the question of how things will change when he’s here. How will my daughter react to him? How will our daily routines change? Will I be able to keep up with the house as well as I have been lately? Will we have any “learning curve” with newborn nursing, since every baby is different? But then I go back to just imagining snuggling that squishy little thing, and smelling his brand new sunshine-vanilla-newborn scent, and I just want to have him in my arms.
  • Bed is a trap. Easy to fall into. Hard to even roll over. Even harder still to hoist myself out.
  • Pee. Suddenly, I’m aware of every bathroom location in every building I enter. If there’s not a bathroom, I make an escape plan complete with evacuation route ending at the nearest restroom I know of. When I go for walks, I make sure to turn around to head home before I feel like I need to…so that hopefully I’m back at my house before I explode with pee.

This is an exciting time! And I’m so thankful to have a healthy, uneventful pregnancy, and a healthy little boy growing inside of me. But if any of you can tell me your third trimester was comfortable, graceful, and relaxing, I’ll buy you dinner*.

*Not really, unless you’re local to me and want to meet up with me. I’m not going to be sending anyone restaurant gift cards just for commenting “I was an ethereal ballerina until the day my baby was born! Also, I didn’t even push. My body did all the work itself in 10 minutes!”


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