Zora's IAMS visible differences challenge - part 1

Zora’s going to embark on a little challenge this month – let’s see what visible differences happen! This is part 1, with a sweet video of her playing in the back yard.

Family travel gear - 8 essentials you won't want to get caught without. www.Joyfulabode.com traveling with kids ideas

Do you have a family vacation or trip coming up? You won’t want to be without these 8 essentials for family travel. What’s on my gear list?

How I earned $1569 from my blog in one month, and some exciting developments for my blog's future. Want to make money from home? Starting a blog might be the way to go.

How I made nearly $1000 after expenses this month, and why I don’t mind that it’s a lower-income month for me. Life. Is. Awesome.


Want to save on your energy bill? Here are 3 ways to cut costs.

May Daily Homemaking Tasks & Quotes

Time for the most Hardcore Homemakers to get ready for May! Print out the first page of this PDF for a condensed list of daily homemaking tasks for the month, and cross them off or highlight them as you do each one. Read the in-depth description of each 15-minute task each day, along with a daily

Why I love cleaning my wood floors, even with 3 kids and a dog.

We finally ripped the carpet out of our dining room, and replaced it with wood. I’m SO thankful to have such an easy-to-clean floor in there that I don’t mind cleaning it every day. (Or almost every day).

How I earned $3275.10 in one month with my blog, while I basically didn't work at all.

This month, I earned over $3200, even though it wasn’t a great month for me, blogging-wise. That’s one thing I love about being a blogger – there’s still passive income when I’m not on the top of my game!

The promises a mother makes to her children.

I’ve made lots of promises to my kids. Big ones and small ones, but the most important one i’m not sure I’ve told them about.

How I earned $3855 with my blog last month. Details and tips, so you can do it too.

My February 2016 Blog Income report – How I earned over $3800 this month with my blog.

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These couples were challenged to look into each other’s eyes for just 30 seconds, and just that little bit of connection sparked some romance. I try to do something similar with my husband every day, with an extra-long hug at least once a day (when he comes home from work is a good time).

This is baby number 3, and I know exactly what we need this time, and what's extra. Here's how I'm preparing, and how I'm keeping things super-simple this time around.

This is baby number 3, and I know exactly what we need this time, and what’s extra. Here’s how I’m preparing, and how I’m keeping things super-simple this time around.

4 Reasons You NEED to garden with your kids. Gardening is rewarding and educational, but it has even more benefits than you probably realize!

Gardening is fun, and it is work. And you absolutely should do it with your kids. Here are 4 reasons you NEED to garden with your kids.

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