How I got started with blogging - long before there were internet blogging platforms.

I started as a blogger when I was in elementary school – by making a family newsletter. Since then, it’s been one thing after another until I found my home!

Dads sometimes need a little help connecting with their babies at first. Here are 5 great ways for dads to connect and bond with their babies from the start. (And they don't include feeding with a bottle.)

Here are 5 great ideas for how dads can bond and connect with their babies, that don’t involve the mama pumping milk and giving a bottle to Dad to feed with.

Looking for clutter-free gift ideas for men? Here's your ultimate clutter-free gift guide for the guys in your life. Perfect for Christmas gifts, Father's day, birthdays, and any other gift-giving holiday or occasion.

Need ideas for clutter-free gifts for the men in your life? Maybe for your dad, husband, brother, grandfather, good friend, or adult son? Here’s a great list of clutter-free gift ideas for men to get you started!


Want to make a night light out of a cool Kleenex box? My son loved helping me make this one from a box featuring Star Wars designs.

Do you do spring cleaning? Sure! But what about fall cleaning? This is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor areas! Clean and declutter your back patio - here's how.

Fall here means gorgeous weather and a lot more time spent outdoors, so it was time to deep clean and declutter my back patio. MUCH better!

Traveling with kids? Here's how to stress less!

We’ve done a ton of traveling as a family lately, and while it’s not always a relaxing vacation when there are kids involved, there ARE ways to Stress Less!

spray nine cleaner - so tough on grime. it really helped me with this cleaning project.

My front door area was pretty gross… and I had ignored it for months. I FINALLY did a serious deep clean, and the difference is staggering!

Preparing for a new baby? Take this baby expenses quiz to see if you're prepared for the costs. I've been there and done that, and I can tell you that preparing financially for a new baby is SO worth it.

Worried about the cost of a new baby? Find out how much you’ll need here, and how to get ready.
YES, it’s worth the work and sacrifices necessary to get your finances in order, especially when you’re growing your family.
YES, you can do this, no matter what your income level is or what your situation in life is.
YES, there is support available to help you.

Need a quick, easily-customizable paleo dinner? This beef and cabbage paleo bowl recipe is the perfect thing to make for a quick weeknight dinner everyone in the family will love.

This paleo beef and cabbage bowl recipe is perfect for an easy weeknight dinner. It doesn’t take long to make, and you can customize bowls for everyone!

Non-Food Halloween Treats: 11 Last-Minute Ideas

Coloring Books – My kids love coloring books, and they’re excited to share them with the neighbors too. This year we got these, which aren’t Halloween themed. That way, if we have leftovers we can use them for other times of the year too. But these Halloween ones are cute too.

SoundBub by WavHello is an awesome portable bluetooth speaker for kids. My kids cannot get enough! The perfect gift for music-loving kids.

My kids love music, but up until recently, I didn’t have a great solution for letting them have it with them wherever they go. THIS is the perfect gift for music-loving kiddos. They’ve absolutely been in heaven since we got it!

How to get more sleep when you have a new baby. MUST read for new moms and dads. All parents can use these sleep tips and tricks.

When you’re a new parent, you’re exhausted. I know. I’ve been there three times. And over the years, I’ve learned some great tips for getting more sleep. I don’t mean getting the BABY more sleep. I mean YOU, the new mom or dad, getting as much sleep as you can during this unpredictable time. You need these tips!

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