December 23rd 2010
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This is more of a dessert than an appetizer, by far. The dates sort of caramelize inside of the bacon, and the bacon lends a nice saltiness and crisp. If you’ve never had bacon-wrapped dates, don’t let their rough exterior scare you away – it certainly doesn’t detract from their deliciousness.


Preheat the oven to 300ish degrees Fahrenheit.

Take some bacon and cut slices into 4 pieces each, width-wise.

Before wrapping each pitted date, give the bacon a little stretch, to make it a little longer. Then wrap and secure with a toothpick.

Bake on a foil-lined sheet 20 minutes, then flip them all over and bake the other side until everything is crispy.


If you bring these to a party or have them at a gathering you’re hosting, people might be afraid of them because they look a bit like crispy beetles or something. LET THEM be afraid! They’re so good you won’t want to share anyway.


PS I think they would be really tasty with a morsel of feta cheese stuffed inside too, for a bit of zing. But I haven’t tried it so if you do let me know how it goes!

chris (2 comments)

ive been making these for years with a macadamia nut stuffed inside. i love the idea of doing feta! yum

debi Turner (1 comments)

after they come out of the oven, drizzle with a little bit of really good balsamic vinegar. Yummy!

I just had some of these DEEP FRIED!!! They were amazing…

Jiu Jitsu Guy (1 comments)

These sound great. I’m up for pretty much any desert item with bacon in it. Salty & Sweet is the way to go I think…

Meagan (4 comments)

I just printed out a gazillion of your cookie recipes – grain-free. I can’t wait to try them, they all look good. I like your blog, sounds like you “know” how the grain-free baking works. Also, thanks for the tip with the tooth picks through the bacon and dates. I wanted to do this the other day, but didn’t know how to keep the bacon on!!
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Cara (3 comments)

Wow, I must try this! Bacon makes everything yummy :)

Kim G. (10 comments)

We did prosciutto-wrapped dates for our Christmas party since i don’t really like bacon (too fatty). They were delicious!!! We broiled them for about 7 minutes. YUM!
Kim G. recently posted… lessons from this Christmas

What a friggin’ amazing idea! My husband would die for these. Must.make.soon.

Joanne P. (31 comments)

I am so making these as an appetizer for New Year’s yum yum yum…..

Here is my Primal Christmas Feast Recipes that I was telling you about!!


Joanne P. recently posted… Primal Holiday Feast!

I made these on Friday and they were delicious! I tinkered a bit, filling the dates with cream cheese, and I used prosciutto instead of bacon. It’s thinner and wraps tighter. Even my non-adventurous CW family thought they were tasty. =)

Joanne P. (31 comments)

I like the Cream Cheese idea…yum!
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Tracee (2 comments)

What an interesting combo. I’ve never heard of this. Hmmm, now I’ll have to try them.
Tracee recently posted… Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Lindsey B (1 comments)

I had these at a birthday party…stuffed with roasted almonds…yummy :)

Mary (8 comments)

I’ve never tried bacon wrapped dates, but then I’m not a huge fan of dates. However, bacon wrapped water chestnuts are ZOMG tasty.

Tristina (58 comments)

I LOVE bacon-wrapped dates. At a tapas restaurant we went to a week ago, they had some stuffed with manchego and chopped walnuts and each one was served on a little dallop of spicy romesco sauce.

Holy nom.

beingvfox (6 comments)

that looks yum and totally appropriate for my bacon loving husband
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Karen (73 comments)

Just had those for the first time over the weekend. So awesome! And I didn’t even think about the beetle thing!

Caroline (5 comments)

These are so good! And to respond to both Melissa and your original feta comment, I’ve had these but with the pitted dates stuffed with goat cheese. Let me tell you… it was GOOD.

Melissa Fritcher (8 comments)

Those look great! I wonder if you could also put something in the cavity from pitting the dates? I’m making some pecan pie bites for Christmas. Not sure that would be appropriate for this, but maybe something else? Another nut? I totally have to try these. MMMMM

Jen (3 comments)

Did you know these are also called Devils on Horseback?? I learned that playing food trivia at our holiday work party :)

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