10 ways to keep your new baby cool this summer

Newborns don’t have the best thermostats. Many of them – like my skinny guy – lack “insulation,” and their surface area, when compared to their insides, is much greater than our adult ones. They can quickly become overheated, and if you can’t reverse the symptoms quickly, you’ll need to get medical attention for your baby.

This is no joke, especially if you live somewhere like I do, where summer days often see temperatures of 100 degrees and beyond. My daughter was born at the end of July, and I remember some SCARY car trips. Even though I lived about 5 minutes from Target, if I made the short drive with her in those early days, even with the air conditioning blasting in the car, when I would pull her out of the car seat, she would be pale and clammy. SO SCARY.

And now with another hot-weather newborn (it was 102 degrees here on Saturday), I’ve learned a few things.

How to Keep Your Newborn Cool During Summer:

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Stay Inside

If it’s too hot to go out, stay in, even if you’re bored or need something from the store. That might seem extreme, but before long, your baby will be better at regulating his temperature, and you’ll have more flexibility. It’s scary as heck to see your baby WHITE, cool, and damp.

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4 Comments on Beat the Heat: 10 Ways to Keep Your Newborn Cool

  1. These are great tips! Can’t wait to vacation with my little one again.

  2. Keshia says:

    I’ve heard that some babywearers cut one of these in half and put it between them and baby. I’m considering getting a couple for vacation! http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B001BZK8S2/joyfabod-20/

  3. Jenn says:

    I love love your website and pinterest! Is it possible to send you an email? It says the
    Ink doesn’t work anymore. Great advice for the heat, I have a four month old baby, valley heat is tough!

  4. Chani-Claire says:

    Great tips! I did NOT want to be pregnant in the summer time, which I later realized my poor newborn would be dealing with the heat. Luckily it doesn’t get too hot here in the Bay Area but if it got over 85 degrees we would head to Half Moon Bay where it was always 15-20 degrees cooler. Another thing that worked for us was putting a damp thin burp cloth across my belly so when we nursed his bare skin and my bare skin was cool instead of hot and sweaty.

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