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Winding down with classical music, a story from the original Winnie the Pooh, snuggly pajama-clad children with soft clean hair, quiet cuddles in a dark room, and a kiss goodnight before tucking the blankets around the kids and closing the door…

That’s like a movie bedtime.

That isn’t real life. (At least not MY real life.)

On the move - what bedtime with a 2 year old REALLY looks like. (Video)

Usually in our house, the kids want to tackle me and my husband until the last possible moment. “Could I please knock you over?” is asked almost every night. Which is an improvement over the previously-unannounced tackles.

My husband is better at getting tackled without actually getting hurt. I prefer to “fly” the kids by lying down and lifting them into the air with my legs. Sometimes they’re birds and flap their arms. Other times, they want to be airplanes, and hold their arms out straight while I make zooming sounds and wave them around.

Horseback rides are really popular around here too. The kids climb onto our backs while we crawl around from bedtime task to bedtime task. (To the closet to pick out pajamas, to the bathroom to brush teeth, to the kitchen to get some water, and so on.)

Sometimes they just want to run around like crazy. My strategy is to encourage it. I tell the kids, “You can run around as much as you want, and stay up as late as you want to. But when you stop running, it’s time for bed.”

What ends up happening? They wear themselves out with all the running, and bedtime is a bit simpler, even if it’s a few minutes later than I had planned.

I made this little video of some of my 2 year old’s usual bedtime moves. He’s just too much.

I never want to forget these fun evenings.

What does bedtime look like in your house? Do your little ones run around as much as mine do? I want to see your pictures and videos! And if you Share your Moving Moment you can also get a coupon to use for Huggies Little Movers diapers.

Do you use any of the moves Nikki Glor shares in this video? I’m going to give “Crab Scoots” a try with my 2 year old. My husband can try it with our big girl since he’s more than a little stronger than I am.

Some other cool stuff about Huggies Little Movers Diapers:

-Double grip strips  (So the inside tabs of the front don’t escape. Seriously, this idea rocks.)

-New Colors and Graphics, if you’re into styling your baby’s butt.

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