The Paleo Parents entered the Paleo cookbook scene last year with Eat Like a Dinosaur. But boy have they been busy in the last year! Beyond Bacon is being released tomorrow (buy now on Amazon for $10 off the list price) and it is beautiful. (Thanks, Stacy, for sending me a review copy!)

I mean, look at it!

Besides the gorgeousness, it's full of wonderful information about “the whole hog” and seriously will make you want to buy a whole (butchered) pig. (We have to wait until my husband gets orders and we possibly move though.) And there are recipes for every bit of the pig, from ribs and roasts to sweetbreads and the head. No joke.

This week, we made three meals from the book – a total of 6 recipes.

  • Swedish meatballs
  • …With Mashed cauliflower
  • Bacon chicken
  • Sausage and mushroom gravy
  • …made with the maple sage breakfast sausage
  • …over Homestyle Biscuits

The Swedish meatballs were amazing and I was seriously sad when they were gone. Definitely something to repeat, and a nice change from our typical Italian meatballs, however good they are.

The bacon chicken was delicious too but I kind of doubt I'll make it again as is. My cabbage burned, despite stirring it halfway through as instructed. (Stacy suggested my pan might have been too large.) And the bacon I so lovingly latticed over the chicken crinkled up and got ugly…and kept the chicken skin from becoming crispy.

Check it out. (Sarcastic “nailed it” in case it wasn't obvious.)

BUT the flavor of the chicken was great so we will definitely do the rest of the recipe again…maybe just rub it down with some bacon grease instead of covering it with bacon. And cook the cabbage separately (probably with cut up bacon in it!)

Tonight, I made the biscuits and gravy. It's a far cry from the “biscuits n gravy” I grew up with in South Carolina, but all of us enjoyed the meal immensely. My husband and I cleaned our plates, while Joseph who is meat-crazy lately ate all of his sausage gravy and some of his sister's, and Anneliese ate several biscuits.

This might not be my reach-for-it-everyday cookbook, but it's definitely going to be my reach-for-it-when-I-want-something-porky cookbook. There are a bunch more recipes I can't wait to try, and the Swedish meatball recipe is definitely one to repeat often!

If you want Beyond Bacon on your shelf too, hop over to Amazon now to order while it's on sale!


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