September 7th 2011
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When we were shopping at REI for “summer fun” we kind of had two categories of “family fun” we shopped for. The first was me and Anneliese and our bike… we got Nutcase bike helmets, a floor bike tire pump, an “I <3 my bike” bell (haven’t put it on yet), a Planet Bike tire patch kit, a kleen kanteen sport top for Anneliese (to use with her gDiaper kleen kanteen), and probably a couple other things I’m forgetting. Our shopping trip was so much fun, and Sean showed us all sorts of great things we could use to have fun together. Even after he finished showing us around, we were in the store for another hour making our decisions.


The other category of shopping was for my husband…all sorts of “fun” things… a REI Classic x-large duffle bag for him to pack for his deployment in, and some survival gear – a camelbak bladder to sew into his gear, and some other little things. It would be awesome if we could do family activities with all 3 (4 sort of) of us this summer, but that’ll have to wait a little while.

We did take a family bike ride with all 3 of us before my husband had to leave. He was behind the camera though, so I didn’t get any pictures of all of us. We just took a few pictures of me and the baby at the end.


I have to be totally honest… I haven’t been bike riding with Anneliese. I want to. I’ve thought about it. But queasy dizzy nauseated pregnancy-woman doesn’t feel comfortable trying to balance with a baby on a bike right now. So we’ve been walking. Hopefully my nausea/dizziness/queasiness will pass soon and I will feel safer on two wheels.

The other thing is, it’s probably a good idea for us to wait a bit longer so that Anneliese can grow a bit more. Her head was the exact measurement for the smallest size of kid’s helmet, but it still seems big to me (see how it slipped in the picture above? It’s on the tightest setting). So I feel like we should wait until her helmet fits properly anyway.

I’m definitely looking forward to some great bike rides with Anneliese when the pregnancy stuff lets up a bit, and continuing into the cooler weather this fall, now that REI completed our cycling gear so that we have everything we need.

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