Sep 27 2012
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There’s a lot of ceremony in bringing just-born babies home from the hospital. If you have other kids, or visiting family, there might be banners and balloons waiting for you at home, maybe a designated photographer, or even a birthday cake. And no doubt baby has a special outfit to come home in. Right?

When Anneliese was born, we didn’t really do any of that. I’m sure I had some cute outfit picked out, but I don’t remember what it was. She was born at night, and the hospital here won’t discharge new moms/babies until 24 hours after the baby nurses for the first time (so it was nighttime then too). We had to stay even longer because their hearing-test-machine was broken and they wanted to try multiple times before they would let us go. I think it was around 9 or 10 pm by the time we left.

They were suspicious of our car seat because it wasn’t an “infant seat” (even though it is safe for babies from 5 pounds, and our install was done by my CPST friend). They wanted me to uninstall it so we could strap Anneliese in and carry her out in it. I told them that was ridiculous, and they compromised by allowing me to hold her while they wheeled me out in a wheelchair. (I guess they were afraid I’d drop her if I carried her? But why would I be less likely to drop her IN a giant heavy non-infant car seat? I don’t really get the logic.)

It was dark, and I don’t remember what she was wearing. I don’t even know if I changed her into her “special outfit” at all, since it was going to be too dark for any pictures or anything.

She hated the car ride. I sat in the back seat with her and she cried the whole way home.

Arriving at home was a relief, not a ceremony. Finally we could snuggle in OUR bed, nurse on our couch, and I could eat our real food and just be comfortable in general.

So what did we change with the second baby?

Oh that’s right. We had him at home. That made the whole “coming home” thing simpler. His coming home story? “I was born. And I was home.” Simple! Perfect.

Did your babies have special “coming home” outfits? Was your hospital weird about the car seats like mine was? Did you have any ceremony at home – banners or anything – when you arrived with baby? Or did you have a home birth like I did with Joseph?

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5 Comments on Bringing Baby Home

  1. Jackie S says:

    My mom bought Leilani a coming home outfit, just a pretty sleeper, simple. She also had a full Thanksgiving-esq dinner cooking complete with pumpkin pie, though it was actually pretty warm that day (Oct 8 or something, few days after she was born.) that sucks your hospital gave you crap about your carseat! I really liked our hospital (besides the c/s and constant interruptions) and I was wheeled out to the car holding Lei, that’s just what they told me to do (infant seat was in the car.) Even though the Hosp was good, I still think it’d be great to have a HBAC for our next!

  2. Janine says:

    We have considered having a home birth, but ultimately I like the hotel feel of a hospital! As much as we were excited to get home, I also liked the free meals and self-cleaning hospital room. (We had a birthing suite that looked and felt very much like a hotel.) The only part I really disliked was the nurses always up my shit, checking vitals while I slept, etc. Next time I may try to request they knock that off!

    Going home was hectic because I had a friend who was only in town for the one day. (That’s why I loved so much your previous post that mentions overstepping! I wish she could have NOT come by that day.) It was great to be home with our own things but we actually stayed a day longer at the hospital than was required. 🙂

    UGH at your little car seat fiasco. I generally dislike hospitals and their stupid policies is one reason. I hated carrying Sebastian in his car seat as well, although ours was an infant seat. (Only because I didn’t know any better! The new seat we just purchased works for infants too – What a waste of money that first one was!)

  3. Linda Sand says:

    My mother came to town as soon as she heard the baby had been born so she was there when I was discharged. She brought a fancy newborn outfit with her so, yes, we had a special outfit. Our daughter was born before the mandatory car seat era so we didn’t have that hassle. And what was waiting at home was a meal my mother had cooked which made it special to me. I was not able to carry a second baby to term so that one time was all we got. I’m happy it turned out so well.

  4. We had a special outfit. We didn’t know the sex with Abigail and we don’t with this baby either. We have a simple green sleeper. It is newborn size so let’s hope I don’t start having massive babies!!!

  5. Candi says:

    Isn’t that the best “coming home” story? My first’s was “I came home and was greeted by Child Protective Services” (we signed him out AMA…long story, but just know that it was an informed well-made decision), but our second and third babies’ story is “I was born and home and I stayed at home.” 🙂

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