At the Threefoot Arts Festival in November 2008, I discovered some great artists, including¬† Charles Crossley, Robert Holleman, and Windham’s Woodworks who all returned for the Spring show this April. But this time there were a couple new artists worth mentioning! First of all… gorgeous day, good crowd, and lots of booths. There was a

I’m not feeling very generous, so the subtitle of this post is “OR How to Freeze your Butt off at the Crappiest Show Ever.” I’m sorry, but… yeah. I was all excited even though I wasn’t feeling so hot, because this show was advertised much more than the other shows I’ve done here were… plus,

I was going to write you a nice post about chocolate chip pancakes tonight, but I seem to have come down with a cold of some sort, so I’ll be going to bed soon. Unfortunately, tomorrow I can’t spend the day sipping soup and reading in bed… I have a craft show. Merry Meridian Market

I’ve got to say… after a couple mostly disappointing craft shows, my open house was insanely refreshing! As much as I prepped and set up for this, it was much less stressful than a show… I didn’t have to pack my things into boxes and shove them in the car at 6 in the morning

My computer problem isn’t fixed, but we’ve figured out a temporary solution (I’m plugged into the modem… how sad for a laptop to be tied down like this!). So you get a real update now! This was my booth at the Made in the South Christmas Bazaar yesterday. Looks pretty good, right? I’m not going

No big post tonight, because I’m going to bed. Tomorrow? November 15, 2008 Event: A Southern Christmas Bazaar Features: Queen City Decorative Painters and Crafts (uh, and yours truly!) Location: Meridian Activity Center Address: 3300 – 32nd Ave Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Admission: Free to all I’ll post pictures when I get back!

Today was the MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) Christmas Stop. We woke up at 6, loaded up the car, took care of the dog, and got on the road to set up. Setting up took a little longer than usual because we weren’t sure where to put the gridwall and the things on it… now I

I guess this should really be called “Craft Show Checklist – What I bring to my shows” I can’t tell you what to bring… we all have different needs and sell different things in different parts of the country and the world. So while sunscreen and bug spray might be necessities for an outdoor show

October 11th was the Threefoot Arts Festival downtown, so I scooted into town with my husband, armed with a bit of cash and an excited spirit. I love art shows… going to them, being in them, shopping at them. I don’t love $1 stretchy bracelets, bags of M&Ms labeled “grumpy pills”, and kitschy polymer clay

The Santa Rosa Riverwalk arts festival (in Milton, Florida) was really nice. It was so gorgeous to be right next to the water, and the days were clear and sunny, even if the wind and cold on Saturday almost froze us to death. I went with my sweet friend Liz, who makes gorgeous custom hand-embroidered

Wel, maybe I didn’t totally rock it… But really, the [tag]art show[/tag] was very encouraging to me. I wasn’t sure how I would do “out there” but … they like me! They really like me! (I was SO EXCITED in this picture) I had so much fun meeting the [tag]craft[/tag]-loving people, and my booth-neighbor Kathryn

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