I was at work the other day when I thought of a hedgehog on a tire swing. I don’t think the children remind me of hedgehogs or anything like that… but children are cute and so are hedgehogs. And children like swinging on tire swings, and so do…um… hedgehogs? So maybe that’s part of it.

Jan 17 2008
Category: Crafts. Crochet

Here’s a sweet pattern that might help you with Valentine’s gifts this year. A few years ago, when I was a resident assistant at Winthrop University, I made a pin for every one of my (about 40) residents. It took a while, but I think it was worth it, especially when I saw some of

Jan 17 2008
Category: Crafts

Chances are, you know a young girl. And chances are, at some point, you’ll want to buy or make her a gift. Well, one girl I know is my adorable niece, Dorsey. She’s in first grade, and is reading like CRAZY. Seriously, I showed her my (handwritten, scribbled, partially crossed-out and edited) rendition of a

Jan 10 2008
Category: Crafts. Crochet

This is an elegant (and warm) version of a classic look. Wear it low on your shoulders with something strappy, or drawn slightly higher and paired with a sleek turtleneck. If you’re daring, try it as a drawstring miniskirt matched with bold tights and boots. You will need: 2 skeins (140g each) of Bernat Soft

Mothers and moms-to-be could use some pampering. This Springy, cheery bath pouf will be a great gift, don’t you think? (Hint: It’s a great gift for your mom, too. Mother’s Day is only in a few months…) You will need: Lily Sugar ‘n’ Cream (or other worsted weight cotton) in white and coral swirl (or

Jan 06 2008
Category: Crafts. Crochet

This scarf should crochet up in no time at all, to get you through these last days of winter (or the first days of Fall, depending on your hemisphere of residence). It can be any length you want! You will need: Two different colours (referred to as A and B) of Lion Brand Homespun Yarn,

Wel, maybe I didn’t totally rock it… But really, the [tag]art show[/tag] was very encouraging to me. I wasn’t sure how I would do “out there” but … they like me! They really like me! (I was SO EXCITED in this picture) I had so much fun meeting the [tag]craft[/tag]-loving people, and my booth-neighbor Kathryn

Nov 05 2007

Embroidery might be climbing the charts in my list of favorite crafts. I love the way it makes things look, and actually doing it is relaxing and methodical. So I recently decided to make some place mats for myself and my husband combining sewing, appliqué, and embroidery. I learned a fantastic applique technique that I

Nov 03 2007
Category: Crafts. Sewing

(Stick with me for this post… I’m not feeling very clever with words today.) The last theme for the Tie one On apron challenge was “Local Pride.” I was born and raised in Charleston, SC, but spent my teen years in Columbia, SC. When this apron assignment was issued, I was preparing to get married

We were pretty hot pirates if I may say so myself. I made our shorts and hair accessories (my headband, his do-rag). Simple Jack-0-Lantern this year. And thanks again to Marci for the cute scarecrow wreath. We got tons of trick-or-treaters tonight. The best costume ever was a hamburger. The girl said her friend’s mom

I’ve been wanting to re-cover my office chair for a while… to match my bulletin board. Then, this post from Design*Sponge reminded me recently, and I finally got off my butt to do it. However… I wish I had a chair like theirs, because the top part (the part your back leans on) on mine

Oct 28 2007
Category: Crafts. Sewing

Now and then, I like to visit Craftster and look at other people’s projects and occasionally post mine. Recently, I found a couple of swaps that sounded fun to me, so I signed up! One of them was a Mini Halloween Swap. We were supposed to send two “medium” and two “small” crafted items to

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