Anneliese has a basket of little wooden vehicles from her Christmas stocking (from Target last winter), and while she would play with them, there wasn't a lot of pretending going on. Just pushing cars. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But she would look at me and my husband like we were crazy if

Sometimes, my toddler doesn’t want to take a bath. She LIKES baths, but she knows I’m going to wash her hair, which she isn’t a really big fan of. So sometimes I have to pull out some “tricks” to get her (happily) into the tub. Sometimes it’s bubbles. Or new letters/numbers. A new toy. A

13 Truths about Airline Travel With Kids

Traveling with two kids two and under is definitely a challenge. Here are some things I learned or observed during my trip. I wrote these on the way to South Carolina, and I’m editing to add a bit of return-trip wisdom. 1)Snack Attack I planned ahead and packed a cooler-lunchbox full of healthy snacks for

Aug 13 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try to get some pictures of Anneliese and Joey together, with my real camera. I have a bunch of phone pictures but not a lot of the two of them together, and not really good quality pictures. First of all? This guy. His hair. It kills me.

One way to save on a lot of frustration in the toddler years is to encourage the independence these little people so fiercely desire. When the toddler feels as if, “I can do that,” instead of “The world is intended for people much bigger than I am,” there is less struggle and angst in daily

One thing I hear from moms repeatedly is “I wish I had some pictures of when my kids were nursing.” I take a lot of pictures when nursing my kids, with my phone. You know the ones… arm outstretched, hoping to get a good angle and not shake your hand too much, or settling for

Yesterday, Anneliese, Joey, and I joined several other mamas from our area at our La Leche League leader’s backyard to nurse our children simultaneously along with moms and babies around the world. From Aims of the Big Latch On Support for communities to identify and grow opportunities to provide ongoing breastfeeding support and promotion.

During World Breastfeeding Week this year, I’m answering a few questions, sharing my resources, and telling my story. PLEASE note: I’m not a lactation consultant. I’m not a doctor. I’m just a mom. I’ve probably spent 5,000 hours breastfeeding in the last 2 years (well, maybe close), and I’m breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery, have

Tanya H asked me: I’m due in 10 weeks and am feeling nervous about not being able to produce enough milk. Did you have concerns prior to delivering and what preparation did you do beforehand that you found useful?

Have you read Anneliese’s birth story? What about her First Birthday post? It’s almost hard to believe a whole year has passed, and here we are again celebrating that long long long day that finally allowed me to meet my baby girl and become a mother. The day we went from a couple to a

One of the things my husband and I decided to do as Anneliese’s second birthday approached (it’s today!) was to change her room around a bit, adding a “big girl bed” for her, and a floor bed for Joey (so hopefully he can take some naps in there). I had found this great twin storage

I’ve had the Montessori baby room tour linked in the sidebar of the blog for…forever. But we haven’t even been living in that house for the last year and a half! And lots of things have changed with Anneliese’s room. Plus, she’s a toddler now, not a tiny baby. This weekend, my husband and his

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