Sometimes you wake up and the day just seems to be all wrong… When you walk out and see this in your living room, because … well… excuses… (I didn’t hire SpiderMan to take this picture! I used my handy clip-on fisheye lens on my iPhone! I LOVE it.) And then your toddler looks like

I’m not a schedule person, but I would love to figure out a daily routine that works well with an infant and toddler. So far, we’ve been playing it by ear, which I think is necessary with a newborn. But as Joseph starts to have more periods of “happy awake time” (wide awake and not

Cross-Country Travel with a baby and a toddler - things to consider when you're planning.

This post contains affiliate links, which help support my family. Later this summer, my older sister is getting married in South Carolina, and since my husband will be deployed again, that means I get to travel across the country (from California) with a 5-month-old and a 2-year-old by. my. self. Oh my goodness. By. My.

I hope all my mama friends had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Mine was lovely. Waffles, cuddles, playtime and books, sweet cards from the babies, a beautiful necklace, chocolates, and time to paint my nails… …a long shower, a few moments to organize my craft area a bit… and a delicious home-cooked dinner (I cooked it.

May 12 2012

Yesterday, during lunch, Anneliese asked me for a straw because she saw me drinking water from my Starbucks cup w/straw. So I trimmed a big straw into a baby straw. She said, “whoa. Ffaw! Wahwah ffah!” (Whoa. Straw! Water straw!) At dinner, she asked for a straw again, and I was happy to accommodate her

How a new mama can stay sane right after she's had a baby. Cutting stress when you have a newborn is so important. Here's how.

Having a whole new person join your family obviously causes some changes. And when that person is a nonverbal, floppy, helpless, tiny poop machine who wants to nurse 20 hours a day (well, almost)? It can cause some stress. If you let it. I’m a pretty “chill” person when it comes to stuff like this,

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a more experienced babywearer now, or if it’s a difference in personality and temperament, but Joseph has taken to babywearing right off the bat. Anneliese (as a newborn) needed more soothing once she was situated in the carriers (any kind), and usually only liked to be worn in

Through the last 20 months or so, my diaper bag / “to go gear” for Anneliese has gone through many incarnations. There was the newborn phase I wrote about before, the next phase which included all of the same things plus “entertainment”… a few toys or books, then later things like bibs and snacks were

My first homebirth (after a drug-free hospital birth), and the birth of my son, Joseph. Here’s the story of how we went from a family of 3 to 4.

I got the CUTEST mail today. And Anneliese and I had to immediately play with it. SO immediately that I didn’t have time to remove the tag, so please excuse it in the photos. Boba Family is introducing a new member – the Boba Mini! It’s a pint-sized baby carrier for babydollwearing. Just like its

A lot of people I know have a pajama tradition for Christmas. Usually it’s a gift that each child can open on Christmas Eve – brand new exciting pajamas! I think most years my mom made my sisters and me matching pajamas, and I think the handmade-ness of it is kind of special. There’s nothing

I have so many winter/Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday children’s books, and this tradition will make sure they are all read and enjoyed each year. I’m looking forward to seeing how this tradition evolves, and how my kids become more involved in it as the years go by.

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