Jan 14 2009
Tax Time 2008/2009

So it’s time to do 2008 taxes… or at least start getting everything together if you aren’t the model of organization (I know I’m not). I pulled out all of my Joyful Abode files and receipts for 2008 and realized that really, I hadn’t done too badly with keeping everything filed and entered in my

Archery? Yes, please!

As I said before, I’ve never been a very physical person, but something about the idea of archery always seemed really cool to me… so in 9th grade, when my gym (ugh) teacher opened the supply closet and I saw ARCHERY EQUIPMENT, I was so excited. I asked if we were going to use it

This is where I wrote the Cinnamon Date Scone Post

My view… And to the right…

Dec 20 2008
Visiting in SC

We arrived in South Carolina to visit our families on Thursday night. Since then, it’s been relaxing for us, but VERY exciting for Zora. First she got to go on an 8-hour car trip, smelling all sorts of interesting smells on the way. Then, she met my dad and step-mom and went to bed in

I haven’t actually done any prep for thanksgiving at all. I haven’t made any lists or schedules or anything! Luckily, last year I did this…  pre-Thanksgiving Preparations. Good stuff! I’m brining the turkey again (and now I know how I did it last year AND how long it took to cook last year), and making

Self-timer and a dog

It’s hard to take a family portrait with a self-timer and a dog. Husband holds dog. I set up camera and click. I run back to husband and dog. I hold dog’s collar. We try to pose and smile. Dog decides it’s time for a belly rub! We eventually got this one, which is pretty

Living Room Makeover – Final Version!

Last week I wrote about how we rearranged the living room furniture to make the space flow a bit better. To remind you, this is the “before.” And this is sort of the after. The little upside-down table was helping to flatten the rug, and the coffee table was obviously not in its final position,

Living Room makeover

We LOVE this house, don’t get me wrong. It’s big and open and has a fantastic kitchen with a huge walk-in pantry. The only thing that’s been kind of awkward is the living room/dining room area. It’s basically a long rectangle. On one side, there is a 5 foot wide entrance to the kitchen, and

Update on our foster dog!

So, Dog has been fine here all week (I think today was day 10 that we’ve had him), and he and Zora have really gotten along. Dog doesn’t have any desperate need to be “alpha” or “top dog” so Zora realized he wasn’t a threat (and that he was a cool playmate) pretty quickly. I

Sep 02 2008
Rescue Dog

I placed a “found dog” classified in the paper, but the lady said that there weren’t any “lost yellow lab” ads placed recently. I’m really getting the feeling this guy was simply abandoned. Which makes me really angry. In happy news, there are a few people who have expressed interest in possibly adopting him once

Update on our Rescue Dog

Here he is, taking a nap without having to worry about bugs biting him or cars hitting him. His tummy is full and he’s out of the hot summer sun. At the same time, our dog Zora took a nap in the kitchen. Of course, they have tons of regular kids books on every topic

Aug 31 2008
Our Rescue Dog

Zora and I were going for a walk the night before last when this dog came up to us looking for love. He and Zora sniffed each other, played a little, and then coexisted nicely. The dog followed us. No collar, skinny as anything, not neutered. I borrowed a collar and leash from someone who

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