I simultaneously feel “finished” having kids and want 10 more. A big factor there is pregnancy. I’m not a fan. Once it’s over and the birth/breastfeeding/happy/love/bonding hormones are flowing, pregnancy seems like a distant memory. It feels like this new baby was always part of the family and my life, and it’s impossible to imagine

10 ways to keep your new baby cool this summer

Newborns don’t have the best thermostats. Many of them – like my skinny guy – lack “insulation,” and their surface area, when compared to their insides, is much greater than our adult ones. They can quickly become overheated, and if you can’t reverse the symptoms quickly, you’ll need to get medical attention for your baby.

Sometimes you wake up and the day just seems to be all wrong… When you walk out and see this in your living room, because … well… excuses… (I didn’t hire SpiderMan to take this picture! I used my handy clip-on fisheye lens on my iPhone! I LOVE it.) And then your toddler looks like

I’m not a schedule person, but I would love to figure out a daily routine that works well with an infant and toddler. So far, we’ve been playing it by ear, which I think is necessary with a newborn. But as Joseph starts to have more periods of “happy awake time” (wide awake and not

I’ve found myself relying on dairy too much… well, maybe not “too much” (based on what?) but more than I’d like. If I’m hungry, I reach for a glass of milk (up to about 3 glasses a day often). Anneliese asks for cheese all the time for snacks. She eats LOTS of cheese. And usually

My friend Amber texted me yesterday and said “I hope your birthday is amaze-balls.” It was pretty good but I MADE amaze-balls. I was going to make myself Joey’s Birth Day Cake, but I didn’t butter the pans well enough and the cakes stuck. So I threw the cake into the peanut butter frosting and

12 months ago was the hardest day of my life. And the most rewarding. In the first moment I held you in my arms and looked into your eyes, my heart swelled in my throat and I felt a different kind of love than what I ever knew was possible. I still feel this love

For a long time (since she has been sitting up), I’ve been meaning to create a treasure basket for Anneliese. Full of things that are beautiful to look at and touch, that feel different from each other (unlike her plastic toys, which all feel the same), things that are interesting for her to explore. Instead,

It’s still January, so I figure I’m still allowed to do “year end wrap-up” type posts and “new year goal setting” posts. We’ll start with the former. 2010 was a pivotal year in a lot of ways. I was pregnant for more than half of the year, became a mother, learned that my family would

Mostly. If you’ve been following my facebook page or my twitter, you know that I’ve been trying like crazy to get our internet connection set up. First, our modem got shipped from Texas to Pennsylvania. Yeah, we live in California. Last Tuesday our DSL was “activated” but we had no modem, so I called to

This is sponsored content from BlogHer and Olay. As you know, my husband is in the Navy and we have moved a lot. A LOT. And we’re moving again in January (not far, just to base, but still…), this move will be our 5th move in 4 years. And I’ve learned a few things about

This is sponsored content from BlogHer and Olay. Since I’ve had a baby, my time for myself has been a bit hijacked. My “routine” is a bit un-routine, since I have to play each day (each hour, each minute) by ear. Here’s how it generally goes: Daily, no matter what: Brush my teeth, morning and

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